10 Gay Club Scene Tracks to Keep Your Rump Shankin’

Nothing compares to hearing deep percussion, bass, drums and a bitch track blaring through nightclub speakers
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Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll, a phrase often associated with hard partying, down and dirty sex, and head banging music are not far from the truth.

Each generation experiences the club scene differently, a more evolved scene today. It may appear different from yesteryear but really it’s all the same. You can always teach new boys old tricks.

The music scene has definitely changed. Nowadays club tracks are no longer unique. They pretty much sound the same. Nothing, however, compares to hearing deep percussion, bass, drums and a bitch track blaring through nightclub speakers. It’s the perfect recipe. You have a mix of the exact ingredients and elements to shake & bake a dance floor to the heights of sexual tension with half-naked men and sweat dripping down everyone’s body. This is all close to perfection.

I’m a music lover, a lover of DJs and their remixes. When you think about music, DJs can take a slow song and turn it into a completely different track. I’m from an era in NYC when music was Rhythmic, Dark, Energetic, Drumalicious, and a part of the underground movement. That sound is hard to duplicate. Newer DJs try, but they end up being too popcorn-happy, and it’s not the music that makes you want to have sex and do drugs (LOL)!

Today, there are a few DJs who have that magic touch and are preserving the sounds of Roxy, Sound Factory, Twilo, and Palladium. I love searching month after month, and this year I was plugged into one DJ, one, in particular, Bio Zounds.

Bio Zounds is a New York city DJ that has not only impressed me but taken an old sound and made it fresh again which is why Kinkster MAG named Bio Zounds 2K18 DJ on the Rise. We annually feature a DJ that is bound to have tremendous success.

The defining moment when we knew Bio Zounds was 2K18 DJ on the Rise was one of his remixes for the track “STANK‘, and it’s what set him apart from the pack this year.

This year was close, we had one other DJ in the running, but when I heard “Stank” I knew Bio Zounds was the clear winner this year.

If you can visualize shirtless men feeling their elements, sweating and dancing without a care in the world, then you either know what we’re talking about or you’re just downright dirty!


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