4 Tasty Cocktails to Make at Home

Flatiron Lounge NYC offers a transport back in time and cocktails tasty enough to try to make at your next celebration.
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If you’re like me, you’re pissed off because the weather finally hit below 56, and those who live in warmer climates; please don’t rub it in.

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The summer came and went…it’s a wrap, but the memories of summer will live on in our minds. We experience so much during the season; we meet new friends, travel, have a ton of sex, find love and what I love the most, we venture out to new spots around the city.

It’s no surprise that my best friend and co-owner of Kinkster Brands NYC, John Myers, selected a location he has wanted to visit for a while, so he decided on a place I never heard of before, Flatiron Lounge NYC, located at 37 West 19th Street.

Most Kinkster Brands NYC team members live uptown or in the outer boroughs, so when we heard we had to travel, we were upset, and especially in the middle of August.

If you live in NYC or visited during the summer months, riding New York transportation is a nightmare. When I arrived the traveling was worth it and I was pleasantly surprised. The decor and the entry way is breathtaking. You’re transported back to the art deco era a few steps in after the door closes. It’s the perfect place for a mature Kinkster and his friends to have a few drinks.

“Located in a landmark building constructed in 1910, the Flatiron Lounge NYC evokes the decadence and romance of a by-gone era. The sounds of jazz draw you in through a dramatic archway leading to the meticulously restored 30-foot mahogany bar. Constructed in 1927; the bar was once stationed at The Ballroom, a New York institution frequented by the likes of Frank Sinatra and other celebrities of the time. Reflecting an era of elegance, a row of Deco-inspired blue and white stained glass lights hang suspended over the bar. Thousands of vintage cobalt blue mirrored glass tiles cover an entire wall, overlooking deep-red circular booths.” (via their website)

Although the atmosphere, the decor, and the location were ideal, the drinks were the highlight of the night. Believe it or not, you can request a flyer to take home with the list of cocktails and what’s in them. Of course, not included are the proportions, but hell; if you’re like me you’ll figure the shit out.

Here are my favorite ones. They do have more, but these are my top four. These are perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a birthday, the holidays, or you just want a damn drink after work; here is what I recommend trying:

Drink Name: Maple Leaf:

Ingredients: Rye Whiskey, Maple Syrup, Grapefruit, Lemon

Rye Whiskey Knob, lemon
Drink Name: Air Mail

Ingredients: Rum, Honey, Lime Champagne (Kinkster Brands Fave)

 Ron Miel Guanche Honey Rum

Drink Name: Beijing Peach

Ingredients: Jasmine Vodka, Peach Puree, Lime Juice

(The flower garnish was a nice touch)

Jasmine Vodka, Drinks & Food, Kinkster MAG

Drink Name: Quiet Village

Ingredients: Sliver Tequila, Lime, Grapefruit, Cinnamon Syrup

(After 3 of these, I don’t think I was quite leaving, but it was worth it).

 Roca Patron Silver Tequila 750ml

Whether you visit the Flatiron Lounge, are a mixologist, or someone who loves to mix drinks for friends; these are the drinks you can make for yourself to kick-off any celebration.

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