A Stank-Ass Remix to Make Your Pu*sy Wet

"When I walk up in the club like I don't care these bitches being mugging and I ain't scared, you don't have to tell me because they call me stank!"
DJ, Music, Bio Zounds, STANK, Obra Primitiva Feat. KSis

Music is the center of my universe and the source of my inspiration. Weekly I search for dance tracks, my favorite genre to shake up my creative juices.

Lately, however, I have been unable to find a dance track to obsess over. The last one I really obsessed over was a Britney Spears remix by DJ Tristan Jaxx, and before that, it was Kevin Aviance’s ‘Cunty.’

Although I regularly stumble upon and listen to some amazing mixes and remixes, I am also searching for that one track that lights a fire within me and forces me to put it on repeat.

DJ, Music, Bio Zounds, STANK, Obra Primitiva Feat. KSis

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The beats, the vocals, the journey a track takes you on, are what make a track hot. I’m further enticed by a track when the sound is somewhat familiar yet nothing I’ve heard before. My latest obsession meets all these elements and more. I have known about the track for weeks, but I didn’t want to write about it until it was available for purchase.

The track that I have been listening to non-stop is the remix version of ‘Stank’ by Bio Zounds a DJ/Producer from Puerto Rico, based here in NYC, Brooklyn to be exact. He’s played in many different venues in PR and NYC, landing his first club residency at The Manhattan Monster Bar since January 2016.

‘Stank’ by Obra Primitiva Feat. KSis alone is a badass track but when Bio Zounds mixed the sounds of Brazil, Mexico, and Tribal House this track became my new obsession. Although it’s just one of my track obsessions, the more I stalk his Soundcloud page, the more I become a major fan of his work.

Listen to a snippet of my latest obsession and make sure to visit his Soundcloud page.


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