A Truly Masculine Scent, Tobacco Absolute by Molton Brown

You'll be smokin' after wearing or showering with this masculine fragrance.
Tobacco Absolute by Molton Brown

If you’re looking for a warm, earthy, masculine scent, look no further than Molton Brown’s Tobacco Absolute. This fragrance is a delightful combination of woods, leather, mature tobacco lifted by a citrus top note.

You can build up a nice lather with the bath and shower gel with just a little bit. It left me feeling fresh, smooth and clean, and oh so masculine. Where you might think the tobacco scent might make you feel old and stodgy, the citrus top notes on this fragrance give it a je ne sais quoi modern and invigorating vibe. As with other Molton Brown products I’ve used, the fragrance lingers. I’m often reinvigorated when I come home later in the day by the scent which fills my apartment from my morning shower.

The Tobacco Absolute fragrance collection comes in Bath & Shower Gel, Eau de Toilette, or Single Wick or Three Wick Scented Candles.

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