American Operatic Wonder Bielfield Releases “Dance Again” Feat. Courtney Act

“I can sometimes be a little mental when it comes to building a song’s blueprint,” Bielfield admits, with a smile. “It’s my classical training sneaking in, I’m afraid.”
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Musical artists from down under seldom receive the notoriety they deserve. Only a few have had crossover success like the Bee Gees, Kylie Minogue, AC/DC, Olivia Newtown-John, Iggy, Azalea, Sia, and my ultimate favorite Men at Work.

As a music lover, my taste in music is extensive, but it always fascinates me why some international artists make it big here in America when others only scratch the surface.

Music has changed drastically over the years, although with technology it is much easier to learn about a new artist from around the globe, it’s still not easy to make it big here in the states.

Nowadays, artists either have to become a hot topic, have the backing of a mega-star, are super talented, and sometimes that doesn’t matter, but if you collaborate with the person who has a following; an artist’s musical career can change instantly.

Most of the international artists I’ve come to enjoy and appreciate are artists who collaborated with someone heard of before or that I’ve already followed. In the case of Bielfield, he is an artist I was not familiar with until I heard that he was releasing a track with, Courtney Act, a RuPaul Drag alum. Whether you like her or not, Courtney Act is one of those drag queens who can sing, not like some of them who require tons of autotune.

Bielfield is an American operatic wonder who has made a name for himself in pop music down under. I guess it’s true; sometimes you have to move out of the state or country you reside in to make it big elsewhere and to open doors back home.

A Miami-native, Bielfield was trained at the prestigious Juilliard School and is best known in the States as a quintessentially American opera tenor with a five-octave range. He has performed productions and galas with the New York City Opera, The Metropolitan Opera, Center City Opera, and Juilliard Opera.

Dance Again,” written by Bielfield and Courtney Act and produced by Bielfield and Jhay C, is a song about getting over a lost love. It’s both heart and sweat breaking.

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Dance Again, ” it’s a good one, and I like it, but it’s something we’ve heard before. Artists from down-under seem like they can’t break away from the Oliva Newtown-John or Kylie Minogue formula. It’s a compliment, but if you go through your playlist; I guarantee you’ll found a song that sounds precisely the same.

To be fair, it’s a track that represents the musical sound of down-under. What will make this record a win-win is a sickening tribal house remix? The song has all the elements for a banging club track like all of Kylie Minogue’s tracks. Unlike Beilfeld’s past hits — “Boom and Bust,” “Kings and Queens,” and “Frequency”: all of which leaned toward an 80’s mod vibe — “Dance Again” mixes modern electronic elements with retro sounds to create a unique club sound all its own.

“Courtney was the big inspiration for this song,” reveals Bielfield from his home in Australia. “I wanted to write a song specifically for her voice. Something special that brought out her vibrant spirit and girlish innocence.”

Bielfield first met Courtney Act last year, backstage at a music festival. “I immediately knew I needed to work with her,” he remembers. “A week or two later, we came face to face again, at a concert where she introduced me to the stage. After the show, I invited Courtney to a Mexican restaurant (not Chipotle), got her wasted on margaritas, and I charmed her into joining me in the recording studio.”

“We got to work on something that would resonate on today’s pop radio,” he continues. “We wanted a song that would stir emotions, not necessarily full on jumping ‘round the house craziness, but a track that might get people moving.”

This month, Bielfield is preparing to tour with the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra. Between shows, he plans to add a few spontaneous pop performances into his schedule, especially around Melbourne and Sydney Mardi Gras, where he also looks forward to jumping on a few broadcasts during the parades to share in the excitement.

“Where my classical career is a more traditional expression of art and society, pop is where I get to explore my personal life situations and intimate feelings,” he says, adding: “The great thing about pop music is artists can stretch as far as their imagination. I like to think my artistry is infinite.”

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