An App to Help You Stay Calm, Relax, Focus & Sleep Better

"A good meditation, even when it is interrupted by occasional nodding, is much more beneficial than many outward religious exercises."
Calm: Meditation to Relax, Focus & Sleep Better

Meditation can be challenging, and often our frustration with the process can cause us to give up too quickly. Meditation is a practice and as we all know “practice makes perfect.”

Committing to the meditation process is harder when you’re attempting to do it on your own with no actual understanding what to expect. Often we expect an instant reward or feeling. It’s even more challenging to meditate alone at home, the office, or in the park when you don’t have an experienced person guiding you through the meditation.

When I started to meditate, it was difficult at first, but after a while I began to feel better, react calmly during challenging situations, rarely raising my voice and the process of meditating started to be easier.

There are health benefits as well. On a physical level, meditation:

  • Lowers high blood pressure
  • Reduces the levels of blood lactate, reducing anxiety attacks
  • Decreases tension-related pain, such as tension headaches, ulcers, insomnia, muscle and joint problemsIncreases serotonin production that improves mood and behavior
  • Improves the immune system
  • Increases the energy level, as you gain an inner source of energy

Meditation is also a practice of self-care, which allows for a connection with the inner self. In doing so, self-esteem increases as does the ability to make decisions that align with the individual’s authentic feelings and desires, and allow for better self-regulation. With regular practice of meditation:

  • Anxiety decreases
  • Emotional stability improves
  • Creativity increases
  • Happiness increases
  • Intuition develops
  • You gain clarity and peace of mind
  • Meditation sharpens the mind by increasing focus and expands through relaxation
  • A sharp mind without expansion causes tension, anger, and frustration
  • An expanded consciousness without sharpness can lead to lack of action/progress
  • The balance of a sharp mind and an expanded consciousness brings perfection

Meditation was a part of my daily routine, but along the way I stopped meditating for no real reason, life took over and soon meditating was a thing of the past. Meditating hasn’t been a part of my daily routine for over a year, and this may be the reason bad habits, triggers, and depression are resurfacing. Out of practice and fear of meditating again, I started to research ways to make the process easier for myself.

In the past, when I started meditating at home alone I would look at meditation videos on YouTube, and I found those to be useful. They were useful the first time around but I eventually stopped using them, and this time I want to do something different and ensure I meditate daily.

I stumbled on an app called, “Calm” and from the reviews, people highly recommend it.

From the app description, “Calm is the #1 app for mindfulness and meditation to bring more clarity, joy, and peace to your daily life. Join the millions experiencing less anxiety and better sleep with our guided meditations, breathing programs and Sleep Stories. Recommended by top psychologists and mental health experts to help you de-stress.

I downloaded the app, and it’s very easy to use. I love the breath exercises. In the middle of my stressful day when I feel the anxiety building up, I can quickly click on my app and follow the breathing prompts. It’s like I have access to a meditation guru 24-hours a day. The nature sounds and scenes are also an added benefit. I propped my phone in front of the computer at work, watched and listened to the nature sounds, and I immediately felt a calming feeling come over me.

The reminder feature is another great feature for those who let the stress of the day take over and either forget or skip meditating that day.

If you’re having trouble falling to sleep, the sleep stories will aid you, and I guarantee you’ll be sleeping like a baby.

Whether you’re a beginner, afraid to meditate or to start over, I recommend downloading “Calm.” The app is free to download, however, to load more features you can purchase monthly, annual or a Lifetime access to those additional features.


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