An Exclusive With TS Madsion – Queens Court is Now in Session

The Queens Court with TS Madison skyrockets to #2 on the iTunes comedy podcast charts

Two powerhouse queens are taking the gossip game to new heights. The Queens Court with TS Madison and Khia shot immediately to #2 on the iTunes podcast charts in the comedy genre and there is no telling where the ceiling is for their success.

The Queens Court is where the dishonorable Judge TS Madison and Judge Khia preside over the internet news’ celebrity gossip and scandals. The “cases” are tried and the judges render their verdicts. Streamed Live on Facebook, this web series has been deemed hilariously harsh.

To get the Queens pumped up for our interview, Corey Wesley told the ladies that the point of the interview was the let the “bi$tches know, ‘We’re Working.’” We then had the opportunity to learn more about the show and this dynamic duo.

Throughout the entire interview, as Corey asked the questions, it was clear these two have a strong chemistry with one another and deep respect for each other. When asked to describe working with one another, Khia said “amazing” and Madison said, “super amazing.” They met at a charity event raising funds for breast cancer. Each had been doing their own form of roasting and comedy for some time and they decided to come together to see what would happen. Well, the rest is history and these two are taking over the charts.

You might think that the show is scripted but that’s not what we learned. While they will come up with who is on the docket by paying attention to the news and headlines and discussing current events during the week, who ends up on the docket is typically a mystery. They don’t reveal their docket until they are filming so what unfolds is real, authentic reactions and spontaneous conversation which makes for a lively, unscripted show. As Madison called it, it’s “real reality.” Madison described Khia as a category 6 hurricane and when the two strong forces come together, there is no stopping them.

And the show is not controlled by a corporate sponsor. The two are able to do their own producing without being beholden to someone else and they enjoy the freedom that comes with controlling their own destiny.

Corey asked how they respond to those who think the show is too offensive and whether or not they ever cross a line. Khia mentioned that the show is like a shock jock type show, such as Howard Stern or Paul Mooney. The show is intended to be comedy and entertainment. Khia also mentioned that some people think too hard about the show. It’s meant to be entertainment. They talk about what’s in the news and they do what everyone does in their own household and community, talk real about what’s making the headlines. It’s their opinion about what’s making the news, not so different from what some other shows are doing on TV.

The queens like to stick to facts and express their opinion based on those facts. As Khia said, it’s like a real court, focusing on the facts of the matter. And when asked if anyone is off limits, the answer was no. If you hit the headlines with some outrageous thing you’ve done, you could be called up on the next docket in The Queens Court.

This dynamic duo may also be helping to close the gap existing with the long-standing lack of support of the LGBTQ community by the urban hip-hop community. As they reached #2 on iTunes comedy podcast charts, Khia said that hard guys and women from the urban hip-hop community are coming forward saying they love TS Madison and enjoy the show. Madison pointed out that of all the female urban rappers they support only Khia has done a solid track, “Next Caller,” featuring a transgender person, the one, and only TS Madison. And Khia is featured on TS Madison’s “Can’t F**k Wit Me.” Madison said, “we’re talking about the T in LGBT.”

Both queens are committed to the show and have the conviction to succeed. They have already received several requests for TV shows and are looking for the right offer where they can remain in control of their show and their own destiny. When asked about the future of the show, they say they’re looking for “Everything! Radio, podcast, television, merchandise, red carpet, you name it!” We have no doubt these two will continue to rock the charts.


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