What Does PrEP Mean for Condom Use?

We need to trust the people we have sex with. And we need to take responsibility for the decisions that we make.
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Dear Jade,

I was talking with a friend about a facebook post. It read “PrEP doesn’t prevent other STI(s). Condoms are still considered the most effective way to prevent them.” I was really surprised at some of the comments. I mean…I totally agreed with the post, but it seemed like many of the gay men on that thread were defensive. I know you are an HIV long term survivor. Am I wrong to believe condoms are not still needed?

~ A Concerned Citizen


Jade Elektra, Drag Queen, Ask Jade, Kinkster MAG, Drag TipsDear Concerned Citizen,

No…you are not wrong for believing condoms are still needed. Actually, you are very correct to be concerned. As unpopular as my opinion may be with the majority of the 20 to 30 something demographic in the gay scene, I advocate for “thinking before you just have sex”. From the beginning, I have always said that the HIV/AIDS epidemic boils down to “trust and responsibility”. We need to trust the people we have sex with. And we need to take responsibility for the decisions that we make.

It seems today many gay men are more inclined to practice bareback sex with the rise of PrEP and the U=U campaign. It is in my opinion that PrEP is a set up by pharmaceutical companies. They want future customers. And the promise that you can protect yourself with our new pills is the best way to do that. I’ve been HIV+ since 1989. I didn’t start meds until 2005. I’m the healthiest I have been in years. I take my antiretrovirals every day. But even with a daily regiment I still sometimes forget to take them. So, if I can forget and I don’t drink or do drugs…what do you think a guy who might have been partying all weekend could forget to do?

I mentioned this point to a friend he immediately got defensive and said: “Not all of us are doin’ TINA and fuckin’ everyone in sight.”

And I said, “I didn’t say everyone was doin’ either.” I’m just saying consider what might be a scenario that could be a chance for infection. This applies to PrEP and the “Undetectable”. Those meds have to be built up in the body’s system to work.

And as far as “sexually transmitted infections”…yeah, most are treatable but who has time for that when they can be avoided by playing safe. I’m a good Christian Whore these days since I’m a married queen, but I say “There’s nothing wrong with being a hoe….just be a safe hoe! Take care of yourself when it comes to sex.”

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