Autobiographical Dance Film By Daniel Robinson

“It's sort of like my past is an unfinished painting, and as the artist of that painting, I must fill in all the ugly holes and make it beautiful again.” Lady Gaga

The artistic and creative beauty you can find on the internet can be breathtaking and metastasizing. While browsing through YouTube, I discovered a captivating dance performance paired with gorgeous scenery. Björk – Jóga, the Howie B Main Mix creates an enchanting environment that will leave you speechless.

I was captivated over and over. I watched it several times, and each time, I would see something new. The art of dance, the beauty of Ireland, and rhythmic sounds are magical when it can open your mind and soul. Throughout the video, I experienced a vast amount of emotions.

With each emotion, my existence deepened, and the vibrations of Björk along with the scenery paralyzed my soul, a welcoming meditation created by visuals, sound, and dance.

Meet Daniel Robinson, a Director, Videographer, Photographer, Editor in New York City, and the man responsible for the piece of art that I fell in love with and inspired me to continue creating.

Also, visit Daniel’s GofundMe page and considering supporting his project, an introspective dance documentary, and vlogging adventure, using dance and the camera as a way to reimagine moments from my life.


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