BHuman Beat “Goodbye” into their Insecurities

"BHuman emphasizes the human experience and reminds fans that no matter what they are going through, it is this human quality that keeps them interconnected and never alone."

The moment I heard that Harrison Scott was creating music again I was thrilled with excitement. If you don’t know who Harrison Scott is you’ve been living under a rock, but a good thing for you; you’re an avid reader of Kinkster MAG. Scott is a conceptual genius and his music is edgy, clever and pushes boundaries like no other artist. However, this time around; Scott is one-half part of a power duo called BHuman with the fabulous Billie Lloyd!

A close-up photo of a the musical group BHuman. The guy, Harrison Scott is seating in a chair in a suit and Billie Lloyd seating on his lap. She is has a beehive red hair with sunglasses on with a pattern faux fur white on.Though they are a relatively new band to the scene, BHuman has been building to this point for many years. BHuman has its beginnings in the separate musical careers of New York-based music producer Harrison Scott and UK Musician Billie Lloyd. The duo crossed paths in New York City in 2015 when they quickly bonded over shared niche musical references and eventually pooled their talents together to form BHuman.

When I asked Lloyd about working with Scott on their new release, “Goodbye,” she responded, ““It started out as something that was purely for the sake of ‘let’s just have fun and see what we make’, and then we realized that we were kind of on to something.”

She also added that she channeled her feelings of frustration with the emotionally charged lyrics while Harrison Scott helped to turn the song on its head and create an anthemic, confident statement. The rhythmic beat invites fans to join in on the experience of owning who you are. And declaring who you are is a big part of the Kinkster brand which is why I love the song.

The duo’s work is an emotional journey through melodic hooks, intimately hushed vocals, and shimmering synth tones. Not straying far from their interwoven message of sexuality, gender and self-acceptance, “Goodbye” is universally relatable to fans no matter what their specific situation might be. It’s the exact same message used here at Kinkster NYC/MAG to promote a sexually empowered lifestyle brand.. “Even if you’ve never transitioned or questioned your gender before, you can still understand the themes of what I’m going through or what Harrison is going through,” Lloyd explained.

BHuman emphasizes the human experience and reminds fans that no matter what they are going through, it is this human quality that keeps them interconnected and never alone.

Lloyd has never shied away from speaking about her gender transition or the accompanying experiences in the duo’s music. As the lead single off their self-titled first EP, “Goodbye” is the follow up to “Safe,” and continues the process of carefully unveiling BHuman’s musical vision.

I’m excited for the official release of the EP!

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