Billy Winn Returns To Dance Music With “Seal It with a Kiss”

I think there is something carnal about being able to speak to another person without words. -- Billy Winn

Out artist Billy Winn makes a triumphant return to dance music with a song that will get listeners grooving. Written and produced by Billy and Johnie & Elliot of the production team OneVision, “Seal It with a Kiss” is about an undeniable attraction—one so strong that words are not needed to express it. “It’s an unspoken chemistry felt simply with a look, a touch, or a kiss,” explains Billy. Corey Wesley and I had the opportunity to talk with Billy to learn more about his background and this latest release.

Billy grew up in Pittsburgh and knew from an early age he wanted to be a performing artist. Having gone to specialized performing arts schools he was constantly surrounded with different types of music and other creative individuals. His educational environment and sneaking into clubs to hear true dance music helped propel him on his path. But what inspired him even more to pursue his passions were music videos. He would rush home to watch shows like TRL and 106 & Park. When he saw the videos for “Mo Money Mo Problems” by The Notorious B.I.G. ft. Sean Combs and Mase and Missy Elliott’s “Supa Dupa Fly,” he was hooked and knew he had to be doing that kind of work for a living.

Billy is also a songwriter. At the early age of 10 or 11 he formed a group comprised of his brother and two cousins. He had his group but he needed the songs to sing so he wrote his first song, “Give It Up.” “It was bad, but the chorus was good,” Billy recalled. The experience of writing was a good one and motivated Billy to do more.

If you haven’t heard his music yet, Billy describes it as provocative, sexy, urban, electro, dance music. Of his latest release he says, “I think there is something carnal about being able to speak to another person without words. It’s not about love. ‘Seal it with a Kiss’ is not a love song. It’s more about the beginning, the rumblings, the stirrings of what might eventually turn into an affair of the heart.” The song is the first single off his soon-to-be-released Dreamland EP.

Billy’s energy in our conversation was great. He was very excited to be talking with us. Corey asked about the meaning of “Seal It with a Kiss,” and then asked about kissing and how important it is to end a date with a kiss. Billy didn’t miss a beat and said, “Depends on the date. Kissing is an intimate act. It’s something that is earned.”

Billy’s experience in the music industry has not always been the best. Four years ago he signed with a record label and two years ago he was involved in a public feud and eventual split with that label. Billy persevered and never thought he needed to give up. He took the experience as an obstacle to be overcome rather than a reason for calling it quits. With time and persistence he survived and through it he has learned the value of his own worth. He is now working with OneVision who he says has a really diverse background in music. He enjoys the fact he can bring his ideas to the table and explore them with an open mind.

If Billy had a motto he lives by it would be to do what makes you happy. He also hopes to make a difference in the world.

Stay tuned for the release of the video to “Seal It with a Kiss” coming at the end of May followed by the release of his EP in June. Billy will also be performing at Capital Pride and other venues throughout the summer.

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