Bio Zounds Named 2K18 DJ on the Rise

Bio Zounds is committed to producing music that will stick to his signature sounds yet he is open to exploring where his sounds will take him
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From Puerto Rico but based in Brooklyn, NYC, Bio Zounds is Kinkster MAG’s DJ on the Rise. He is an up and coming circuit DJ specializing in the sounds of Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico Tribal House, infused with electronic elements. Managing Editor, Corey Wesley was captivated by one of his recent remixes of “Stank,” an electric, pulsing tribal remix to make your pussy wet.

Bio Zounds started out his career as DJ Biohazard. Around 13 or 14 years old he became very curious about what djs were and what they did. He didn’t have the proper equipment when he first started out so he took a double tape deck and started doing his own thing as he learned for himself what djing was all about. By the 1990’s he had moved to New York City and was playing six house music parties a year in his apartment in the Bronx. Back then his sound had more elements of goth and to go along with that he dressed in costume with theatrical makeup and contacts. He got the name DJ Biohazard after his friends told him his music made them want to do drugs.

By 2009 he started to pay more attention to the wonderful music he was producing and transitioned from DJ Biohazard to Bio Zounds. He shed the makeup and costumes and focused more on the tribal sounds which have become part of his signature.

In our recent interview, Bio Zounds reminisced for a moment as he shared his first dj gig experience in New York. It was at a club in Brooklyn, probably Paradise. He was so nervous but once he was in the booth it became, “just something else. A natural high. I had fun.” He described himself as being a nervous wreck but in the end he had fun.

One of the most memorable events for Bio Zounds was Boqueron Pride 2016 in Puerto Rico. He calls it his best experience. The amount of people and the length of his set, seven hours, was a first for him. It was a bit unnerving since it was the day after the shooting at Pulse in Orlando. Bio Zounds shared that it was a little hard to dj after that but the energy of the people kept him going.

Today Bio Zounds hosts his own show called Epic Drumz on Digitally Imported Radio (DI.FM) every 3rd Saturday of the month, on the Tribal House channel, has a club residency at The Manhattan Monster Bar since January 2016, and is the resident DJ for the SLAY parties in NYC since 2017. He is also a winner of One Magical Weekend (OMW) 2K17 DJ contest.

Bio Zounds is best known for his energetic, hard Tribal House sound. He attributes some of his interest and passion for this genre to Nina Flowers. When he saw her dj for the first time he knew that he was hooked. Bio Zounds tweaks his sounds by adding electronic elements to his tracks. Drums are another tell tale sign of a Bio Zounds track. “I must have drums in my productions. It is engrained in everything that I do,” says Bio Zounds. You have to check out one of his latest tracks, “Tambores feat. Nina Flowers,” which clearly demonstrates his signature drum sound.

Bio Zounds is a passionate and dedicated DJ. He is committed to producing music that will stick to his signature sounds yet he is open to exploring where his sounds will take him. Much of his productions are the result of experimenting with instrumental elements. As he tests sounds and various elements and they seem to work, he explodes them into new dynamic beats.

The future looks bright for our Kinkster MAG DJ on the Rise. He has new gigs at Rebar in New York City, will be working with an unnamed star from RuPaul’s Drag Race, and will be continuing his own productions and podcasts into the new year.

In celebration of our naming him DJ on the Rise, Bio Zounds created an exclusive mix through which he interprets what Kinkster MAG represents. Download Now

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