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"A Cunty Beat can be a Bitch Track but it is mainly any production that fits the Ballroom for vogue-ing or runway.Kevin Aviance's track, "Cunty" is a great example of a Cunty Beat with a vocal."
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Dear Miss Jade,

I was looking up your music and I saw that some call it Bitch Tracks and others call it Cunty Beats. What’s the difference? Are they the same thing? I can’t tell….I like the beats but what makes a bitch track a bitch track?

~ Feelin’ A Little Cunty


Dear Feelin’ A Little Cunty,

My grandma used to say “I can show ya bettah than I can tell ya.” But I’ll try to explain what I think the difference is. A “Bitch Track” is driven by the vocalist. Some of the pioneers in this genre are recording artists like Roxy, Moi Rene, Franklin Fuentes, Miss Fernado, Miss Jay and some would say I’m on that list as well. These artists used their words and humor to shape the tracks. It takes a special talent to do this. Some might say that a bitch track is just some queen ramblin’ on a microphone. But not everyone can use a mic like these performers.

Fortunately DJs and producers like Vjuan Allure, Ken Terry, Sedrick and Relentless helped keep Ballroom tracks alive as Hip Hop moved into Pop Culture in the northeast gay nightlife scene during the 90s. While many Gay Urban clubs were switching formats to Hip Hop and Reggae these heroes kept the Bitch Tracks and Cunty Beats in their sets.

Now, there’s artist like RuPaul or groups like the Scissor Sisters who have used Ballroom lingo and Gay Urban slang to profit from our LGBT culture. Like Madonna gets credit for introducing “Vogue-ing” to the mainstream, RuPaul and the Scissor Sisters are now the faces of Pop Bitch Tracks.

Somewhere in between Bitch Tracks and Cunty Beats are the Ballroom Chants. The vocals have something or a feel that a Ballroom commentator would use to get the crowd and the competitors hyped on the floor. “Paul’s Groove” by Size Queen featuring Paul Alexander is a good example of a classic Ballroom Chant. The phrase “Walk For Me” comes from this vocal.

But let’s get to “Cunty Beats”. A Cunty Beat can be a Bitch Track but it is mainly any production that fits the Ballroom for vogue-ing or runway.Kevin Aviance’s track, “Cunty” is a great example of a Cunty Beat with a vocal. This is the perfect combination to serve on the floor. A classic track that will never be old to a Ballroom is “The Ha Dance” by Masters At Work. It’s a seriously heavily sampled track and is in a lot of Cunty Beat and Bitch Track productions. Who knew that a fake chant from the 80s movie, “Trading Places” would spawn a record that would be the basis of most Ballroom tracks?

But like I my granny said…I can show ya bettah than I can tell ya. Here is a little mix that I put together to give you an education of how Bitch Tracks and Cunty Beats work together to make up the soundtrack to Ballroom Culture.

Track Listing:

Ima Read-Zebra Katz featuring Reddd Foxxx (Bitch Track / Cunty Beat)
Say A Muthafkkin Thing-Vjuan Allure featuring Sinia (Cunty Beat / Ballroom Chant)
Jealous-Drootrax & Rena (Cunty Beat)
Bodak Yellow (Sexy Hotel Service Mashup)-Cardi B (Hip Hop over a Cunty Beat)
Purse First (B. Ames Remix)-Bob The Drag Queen (Bitch Track / Ballroom Chant)
Walk 4 The Message (Relentlessly Pumped)-MFSB vs. Tronco Traxx (Cunty Beat)
Paul’s Groove (Relentless Pump The Runway Mix)-Size Queen (Ballroom Chant)
How Do I Look 2.0 (Erik Elias Mix)-Jade Elektra (Bitch Track)
Cunty (Remix)-Rageous projecting Kevin Aviance (Cunty Beat / Ballroom Chant)
Let’s Have A Kiki (Peter Rauhofer Bitch Club Mix)-Scissor Sisters (Cunty Beat)
Love Game (Space Cowboy Remix)-Lady GaGa (Cunty Beat)
Let Me Fix My Hair-Vjuan Allure featuring Beyonce (Cunty Beat)
I’m Here To Work (Ken Terry vs. Relentless Mix)-Harmonica Sunbeam (Bitch Track)
Raingurl-Yaeji (Cunty Beat)
4 Minutes (Vato Gonzalez Dirty Remix)-Madonna featuring Timbaland (Cunty Beat)
Fierce & Shady Tens (Gurl)-Vjuan Allure featuring Miss Jay (Cunty Beat)
Get Huh (Direct Hit Mix)-Ride Committee featuring Roxy (Bitch Track)
Queen-Joelapuss (Bitch Track)
Sissy That Walk (Relentless Runway Dub)-RuPaul (Cunty Beat / Ballroom Chant)
Tens-Jennifer Lopez featuring Jack Mizrahi (Ballroom Chant)

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