Black Panther: Black History Month at The Movies

"Black Panther was beautiful. We should keep celebrating." - Donald Glover

As a 45-year-old African-American man, the release of the “Black Panther” brings joy and tears to my eyes because I am so excited for the young black boys and girls who will grow up seeing themselves on the big screen as a superhero, and not a cheesy one either.

I grew wanting to be Wonder Woman. It sounds funny, but it was the closest and most comfortable character I could relate to. She was influential, powerful, and kind. Watching the trailers for “Black Panther” brings to the surface memories of my childhood when I wished I could have been empowered by movies like “Black Panther” and the recent CW series, “Black Lightning.”

Black Panther: Black History Month at The MoviesIf you look into the hearts and minds of our African-American youth, we’re often torn down instead of being lifted up. Rarely are their positive images that uplift and empower. But I hope this is the first of many movies that will empower black young men and women around the world.

The last time I was this excited about an African-American character on the big screen was Blade, played by Wesley Snipes. Honestly, growing up, I never realized there were ever black superheroes. The superheroes I grew up with were Batman and Robin, Woman Woman, Catwoman, Captain America, and Superman who were all played by white actors.

Sci-fi has always been one of my first loves and still is to this day. I am also a huge fan of superheroes and the timing of “Black Panther” is perfect and the best way for me to celebrate Black History Month. The release of Marvel Studio’s “Black Panther” will never take away the racial climate we are living in today, however, what it does do for me is give me hope that Hollywood is moving in the right direction, a direction the rest of the world will soon be forced to follow.

I am also elated about the many possibilities for more African-American superheroes hitting the big screen. From Storm, Batwing, Cyborg (yes, the character was initially black), to Lucas Bishop (a member of the X-Men). It would also be fantastic to see the Patriot (third Captain America) or Sam Wilson (Black Captain America) come to life on the big screen. Regardless, the “Black Panther” gives me chills because it’s something, I’ve always wished for…to see a black superhero, a main character on the big screen.

I never thought this day would come but it has, and I am beyond excited and proud to celebrate Black History Month at the movies. It’s going to be a blockbuster, check these tweets.


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