Cannabis and LGBTQ Activist Buck Angel: Let’s Talk Cannabis

“I’m an activist and I believe my voice is very powerful but without the community I have no voice,” - Buck Angel
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Corey Wesley, Kinkster MAG founder, came across an intriguing live stream by Buck Angel. In it Angel was discussing cannabis. Wesley sat for the duration of the live stream and found that the questions really touched upon activist work in the community around cannabis and that there were lots of young folks looking for guidance. The questions were not about drug use but rather they revolved around how to combat various challenges faced by the LGBTQ community such as anxiety and depression. Wesley reached out to Angel to learn more about one of his latest endeavors, to improve the quality of life and health for LGBTQ+ people through cannabis.

An image of all the products that Celebrity LGBTQ Transgender male, Buck Angels offers on his website. Angel’s backstory around cannabis is one of finding a way to be healthy. He’s been sober for 30 years but he still struggled with anxiety and sleeplessness so started using sleeping pills but they didn’t work for him. A friend suggested he try cannabis but he was nervous at first because of his sobriety. But the cannabis changed his life. “pharma drugs are masking the problems, not fixing the problems,” said Angel. Taking cannabis was not about controlling his life which drugs can do but it was about feeling better and living a better life.

Angel, a transexual man, has been a strong, outspoken activist for trans and human rights, an innovator, and more recently a cannabis activist. “I’m an activist and I believe my voice is very powerful but without the community, I have no voice,” said Angel. He is using his powerful voice to better the community. Over the last three to five years Angel believes the community hasn’t been together as much as it was in the past. He hopes cannabis is one way to help bring people back together. He believes one way we can get together is by talking about some of the shared challenges we have around health and wellness. “If we don’t, the great white man and corporations will take over and control everything,” he said. The gay community led the way in legalizing medical marijuana during the AIDS crisis. Angel hopes to build upon that legacy.

If you’re new to the world of cannabis Angel said don’t worry there are plenty of resources. Two that came to mind were Edibles Magazine and Weedly. You can also follow Angel’s feed on Instagram and Twitter where he approaches cannabis from a health and wellness perspective.

Wesley also asked what are some of the misconceptions. Angel believes the two main ones are, you will overdose and the other is you will become addicted. Angel acknowledges that addition is a personal issue. Wesley also touched upon how Angel resolved for himself the notion of using cannabis and being sober which is one of Angel’s frequently asked questions. Can I use cannabis if I’m sober? Angel said, “It’s completely your call. I’m telling you now that I am sober. In my world alcohol and drugs are my challenge. I’m very confident I’m sober, cannabis is my medication. Cannabis can enhance your life.”

Cannabis is a new world for a lot of people so Wesley asked Angel whether or not there are different types of cannabis and how someone will know if it’s right for them. Angel said there are plenty of strains of cannabis and there are some developed specific to resolve pain, some for anxiety. Some help you create more and some will make you want to go to sleep. One way someone could start using cannabis is through microdosing where you take tiny bits in say an edible and then adding more if you want over time. Start small and figure out your space. Angel recommends if you can, go into a dispensary and ask questions, they’re very knowledgeable.

Angel was completely transparent when Wesley asked him about the differences between vaping and smoking. “Let’s be real. You’re still adding something foreign to the body. I don’t know what the long-term effects of vaping are, but we do know the long-term effects of smoking,” said Angel.

In his straightforward manner, he said that by sharing his story he hopes to get his point across. “You can’t attack my story. Look, this is what I did and what I do every day. It’s changed my life. You need to figure out your space for yourself. Don’t worry about what other people think or say,” said Angel.

Angel is worried but hopeful about the future of cannabis. Since he’s in the thick of things in Los Angeles, he sees laws are changing constantly. He thinks big pharma is just sitting back thinking about how to take over the growing cannabis industry. “That’s why we need to be working on how to keep it natural. We need to keep our voices out there,” he said.

Created with the LGBTQ community in mind, Buck Angel’s line of products, Pride Wellness, was established with his business partner Leon Mostovoy to help individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, back pain, headaches, sleep patterns, and other issues prevalent in the LGBT community and with the public.

Angel has become part of a solution through his grassroots endeavors. Through Pride Wellness he is providing, creating, and promoting natural alternatives to prescribed narcotics in support of community health and well-being. Pride Wellness offers three core products: The Transformation, Bucks Balm Topical, and Legacy Vape Pen Cartridges. The company donates some of its proceeds to the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

Buck Angel is a true leader and advocate. He is creating conversations and finding creative solutions to the challenges faced by the community.

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