Cassius’ Latest Video, ‘Go UP’ feat. Pharrell William is Mind-Blowing

Cassius' New Video 'Get Up” Uses Inventive Split Screen Video to Create an Epic Music Video.

We are floored by Cassius’ new video featuring the mind-blowing talented, Pharrell Williams and Cat Power!

Opposites attract and the proof is in this new video. The video pairs the two together in a split screen to create a masterpiece video.

The first epic video of my time was Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Since then, I have not seen any other videos of such great quality and content that push our thought-process and use technological advances to this extent.

Go Up‘ is epic, mind-blowing, provocative, and uses technology to create an impressive music video.

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Pharrell is a musical genius and the song is great. I am not familiar with Cassius, a French house music duo or Cat Power but I will be doing more research to learn more about these two.


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