Crystal Waters Transforms Music and Beauty Into Men’s Skin Care Line

Billboard Music Award winning artist launches paraben-free men's skin care line powered by plants
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It’s amazing where people find themselves over the years. When we did a recent roundup of popular men’s skin care products we learned that none other than top Billboard charting singer and songwriter Crystal Waters has launched her own men’s skincare line called BOYFACE. To gather more info, managing editor Corey Wesley and I had the privilege of speaking with her about her musical career and her new product line.

It was very clear during our interview that Crystal Waters is an authentic person. She was born into a musical family and started at a very early age. With her great-aunt being Ethel Waters and her father, a jazz musician who could pick up any instrument and play it, she was surrounded by music and creative artistry. Although she didn’t experience a lot of pressure from the family around her musical ability they did question the style of music she was performing and suggested she focus on jazz or another established genre. We’re happy she never stopped with Dance. With a dozen songs charted at number 1 on the Billboard Dance chart, awards in hand, and being named the 39th most successful dance artist of all-time by Billboard, Crystal Waters is an icon, especially in the LGBTQ community.

When asked the typical question about why she thinks her music has resonated so much with the LGBTQ community, she shares that when she first started in her music career, she was different. She didn’t have the big gospel voice or the pop look that might have been more satisfying to her family. She always has done things to her own beat. Her mom still even asks her when she’ll dress like a grown up.

To stay current, Waters is in the club every weekend to hear the sounds being played and to feel the scene. Although the sounds have changed and we’d agree that dance music has gotten a bit cheezy, she’s happy to see a resurgence of dance and house styled music which was seeming to fade. DJs have always pushed the envelope and it seems it’s popular to be a house DJ these days. Waters is also working as often as she can with some of the newest talent. As of this writing, one of her latest songs, “Testify!” (HiFi Sean featuring Crystal Waters) was #2 on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs Chart and listed as the greatest gainer.

On August 30, 2017, Waters brought her love for music and beauty to fruition by entering the realm of skin care. After years of performing around the world for male-dominated audiences and of research and development, she announced the launch of her new men’s skincare line, BOYFACE. From our conversation, we quickly understood that her interest in this product line is real and authentic. She had always been searching for products to use for herself and she could never find the right ones. She decided to develop a men’s line instead of a women’s line because she wanted to give back to her fans, who are mostly male, and because she realizes men often have a more challenging time finding good products.

Waters has devoted years of research, testing, and trials, to get to this point. From our conversation, it’s clear she has her hand in it. She did her own research and learning, met with various chemists and private labels, and has arrived at this fantastic, sleekly packaged product line which requires minimal effort, BOYFACE. Waters believes you need to have clean skin first and a system that works together, so this first line will focus on the basics. Over time she’ll develop more specifically oriented products.

BOYFACE is paraben free, sustainably sourced from plant-based ingredients, and is created without any animal byproducts or harsh chemicals, or animal testing. The formulations also boast nourishing ingredients such as peptides, plant stem cells, plant extracts, enzymes, and natural oils that work together to target specific skin issues such as wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, and ingrown hair.

And what’s in a name? Waters has often been referred to as Sister Face so she decided to twist the table to her client base and call her brand BOYFACE. The collection includes five products: Daily Exfoliating Facial Wash, Ageless Daily Moisturizer, Eye Firming Serum, Vitamin C Brightening Serum, and Beard Mousse. Prices range from $28 – $44 and the collection can be found on boyfaceme.comBoyface by Crystal Waters, A

We like to close our interviews with our signature question. When we asked Waters about what was an unconventional thing or moment in her life that had a lasting impact, she talked about her high school days when she was shy, insecure, and afraid to be herself. She recalled Prince’s “Dirty Mind,” in which he did a photoshoot in a bikini, high heels, and trench coat. She believed that if he could do it so could anyone. That stuck with her and remained with her. It gave her the confidence she needed.

We’re excited that Waters has ventured into this new realm of skin care and we appreciate the time she took to speak with us. As we closed the conversation she provided these words of wisdom, “Stay true to yourself.” Up and comers in the music industry don’t need a big label to be successful, but they do need to study their craft and learn. The ultimate goal with everything should be to uplift people. Waters has done just that with her musical career and with BOYFACE.

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