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I have a lot of remixes by Oliver Heldens but did not realize he had started recording his own tracks. "What The Funk" featuring Danny Shah got quite the makeover with the Steve Aoki Remix.
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It’s February and I knew we were gonna be in for a cold winter this year. And Mother Nature is not joking! So, hopefully my selections for my little mix will keep you warm during your day.

Being that I wear many hats besides being a DJ, I often some artists miss my radar. I had seen the name SZA but thought it was just another rapper. Then one Saturday night I was watching SNL and she was the musical guest. I have to say that she really didn’t make a great impression on me. I wasn’t clear on her fashion choices and I wasn’t sure if she was on key. So, I was really surprised to find her nominated for a Grammy. I decided to look into her studio recorded work (sometimes the finished product is better than the live performances).

I discovered a track called “The Weekend”. And the Calvin Harris’ Funk Wave Remix was right down my alley. Perhaps I will pause and take a closer look at SZA’s material now. I hope there will be a House mix of this track one day.

Every since Pink did a song called “Dear Mr. President” back in 2006, she became one of my all time favs. So, you know that I support her work always. I was pleased to find the Club Breakerz Hype Redrum of Pink’s “Beautiful Trauma”.

Another underrated artist that I like a lot is Mr. Craig David. Unfortunately for him 2 Step never caught on in the U.S. So, his early hits like “Fill Me In” and “7 Days” were cute but the timing was bad because Hip Hop and R&B artists in the states were just breaking into the mainstream. And Craig has never had a huge hit on this side of the pond. I happened to be in the U.K. when he was huge there and he was played everywhere. Anyway….his latest single features Goldlink & Kaytranada called “Live In The Moment”. I like it but I know it’s not gonna be his breakthrough hit.

Poor, poor Justin Timberlake….he really thought that he was gonna give the old one-two punch to the Pop world with his Superbowl Halftime Show and a new album release. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. With all the hype about Janet Jackson, rumors of a hologram of Prince and more rumors that N’Sync would reunite Justin had a lot to worry about for this performance. And with the atmosphere of the conversations about cultural appropriation his appeal has dropped off (in my opinion). I think with it being Black History Month, people are asking where was your voice and support over the past year or so during this administrations attack on people of color. Artists like Justin and Miley who have benefited from Hip Hop and R&B have been very quiet. While artists like Macklemore and G-Easy stood up with the Black Lives Matter movement. Justin…you are a very talented man. But you have been walking a fine line and it’s time to speak. Your silence is the problem and has been since you exposed Janet’s titty.

Although I thought “Fiflthy” was cute the other tracks I heard so far from your “Man Of The Woods” album have been a little lackluster. The title track and his duet with Chris Stapleton seems like an attempt to fuse Country with Pop. Perhaps he thinks that getting back to his Tennessee roots will make us forget that the majority of his career has been on the back of Black Music. So, I guess my digital record pool decided to post the Club Breakerz revamp of his older track from “FutureSex/LoveSounds” called “Sexy Ladies” when he was still considered a soul singer.

The Moombahton sound is very prominent on the charts these days. So, I love introducing my audience to tracks like “La Modelo” by Ozuma featuring Cardi B.

And if you loved “Mi Gente” by J. Balvin I think you’re gonna like his new one featuring Jeon & Anitta called “Machika”.

Every now then it’s good to grab an older track with a great transition to jump in BPMs for your mix. And one of my favorites is “Soul Makossa” by Yolanda Be Cool. This is a cover of the classic Manu Dibango hit from 1972. It still gets ’em going with that horny hook!

I have a lot of remixes by Oliver Heldens but did not realize he had started recording his own tracks. “What The Funk” featuring Danny Shah got quite the makeover with the Steve Aoki Remix.

Another remixer’s name that always gets my attention is Riddler. He is a DJ/Remixer for Houston’s 92.1 Radio. And his remixes are always DJ friendly and keeps the original composition in mind. So, I really liked what he did with “Run This Town” by Niiko & Swae featuring Celine Farach.

When I watched the video for “Dancing” I said to myself “Kylie has gone Country”. It sort of reminded me of when Madonna did “Don’t Tell Me” with that guitar lick that started the track. Kylie even dawns a cowboy hat and gear for some line dancing. I guess since Taylor Swift is no longer in that genre there’s room for a Pop Dance Diva to fill those shoes. There’s a few remixes of this one but I felt that Stormby’s Big Night Out Club Mix fit best with my program this time.

Another artist I saw for the first time on SNL was Troye Sivan. I had never heard of him but my first thought was “this child has a little sugar in his tank”. He performed “My My My” and the audience seemed like they loved it. I thought it was okay. But the Barry Harris Club Mix has made me a believer.

Sometimes a Pop Hip Hop song gets a remix that transforms the song into an infectious club beat. This is definitely the case with the CamelPhat Remix of “These Days” by Rudimental featuring Macklemore.

There’s an Adidas commercial that features a new remix of the 90s House classic “Keep Pushin'” by Inaya Day. I couldn’t find that remix but I did find this really hot Danny Lees & Slim Tim Remix. I see that commercial on a daily basis and couldn’t get the song out of my head until I used it on a mix.

You ever hear a cover and ask yourself “Why did they do this?” I recently did. Dirty Disco covered Deborah Cox’s “Absolutely Not” featuring Brenda Reed. There’s five different mixes that I know of. I was not impressed. They should have just remixed Deborah’s original vocals. But I guess with the “Me Too” movement on the rise someone thought that a cover would be a good idea. I decided to include the John LePage & Leo Frappier Club Mix to show my support of the movement.

And to close out my mix I decided to use the Terry Hunter Club Mix of “Cold” by Ralphi Rosario featuring Donna Blakely. I have loved these two working together since their collaboration back in 1995 on “Gotta New Love (Keep Pushin’ On)”. And them being remixed by Terry Hunter is just heaven. Loves me some real House…never gets old.

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