DJ Brett Oosterhaus: ‘The Boy Is Mine’ Remix, A Kinkster’s Deviant Critic’s Pick

Oosterhaus' mix of 'The Boy Is Mine' a classic epic collaboration between Brandy & Monica has beat the hell out of it, creating a masterpiece, and making it my ultimate favorite, 'The Boy Is Mine' remix
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It’s NOT even 2K18 yet, and I’m already collecting a long list of names of DJs to follow, and damn; I love it!  ??

#KinksterDJ Joe Pacheco posted a remix of  “The Boy Is Mine” by Brett Oosterhaus, and it is freaking awesome! It’s so FREAKING remarkable, I put my vacation on pause for a few moments to write something about his mix.

Oosterhaus‘ mix of ‘The Boy Is Mine”, a classic epic collaboration between Brandy & Monica, has “beat” the hell out of it, creating a masterpiece, and making it my ultimate favorite “The Boy Is Mine” remix.

Brett Oosterhaus has taken a song I’ve loved for decades, flipped it, mixed it, and turned it into a fresh new danceable track everyone should know, love, and dance too.  I want everyone to appreciate it as much as I do.

“The Boy is Mine” is an anthem, a favorite of mine, and a track that never gets old. After hearing the original, for decades, I would come across remixes of this iconic song, but nothing ever wow’d me until now. I loved Brett Oosterhaus remix so much that I had to dig a little deeper to learn more about this DJ. But that’s not all. I wanted to hear and discover a DJ who I not only connected with musically but was excited to follow in 2K18.

Browsing through Brett’s SoundCloud, I’m glad I did and I’m floored. Thank you Joe Pacheco for posting this remix.  I can not wait to hear more in 2K18, follow his career as a DJ. Brett Oosterhaus may be in our next line-up of DJs for 2K19.

Brett is in the running to be a part of our already fantastic group of #KinksterDJs.

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