DJ Mike James Makes You Wet with ‘After Hours’

"After Hours" makes me want to dance naked around the house with its perfectly balanced drums, vocals break between transitions, and tribal beats!
DJ Mike James, Music, Club Music

When I think of going out, like most people, what I am going to wear is one of the first things that comes to mind. The second thought, where am I going to shake my ass, but most importantly the destination is based on who is DJ’ing.

DJ Mike James, Music, Club MusicLet’s be honest, when a party is featuring a DJ who has the power to turn a beat, give the ‘children’ on the dance floor life, keep everyone gagging, dancing, or sweating all night long till their pussies are dripping wet, is the master at attracting the club elite.

I recently heard a set by DJ Mike James, a DJ who I was less familiar with. Five minutes into his “After hours Promo,” I was not only familiar but quickly becoming a supporter of this Miami-based DJ.

Typically when I see promos I don’t give them much thought. Most promotions are snippets. I think they are often rushed and lack passion. But, DJ Mike James surprised me by providing a clear division between him and the competition. His “After hours Promo” is layered with the elements required for after hours parties. After hours is a hard crowd to satisfy regularly. By 5:30 minutes into his set I could instantly tell “After hours” would satisfy by the perfectly balanced drums, vocals break between transitions, and tribal beats!

A DJ who can make me want to have sex, ask or crave a bump (just kidding – my past life), or dance naked around the house alone, is a DJ with the after hours magic wand to cast a spell on anyone listening or dancing.

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