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DJ Pierre, the man, the music, the legend…
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On July 12, 1965, Nathaniel Pierre Jones was born in Chicago, Illinois and who knew he would destined for becoming an electronic music legend under his DJ name “DJ Pierre.”

DJ Pierre released his first Acid House track called “In Your Mind” with Spanky in 1986.  The duo played a pivotal role in establishing a sound that would become its own. The track was first played at a Chicago club called “The Music Box.” A new genre had emerged primarily with the deep bass lines and muffled sounds of the Roland TB-303 electronic synthesizer-sequencer called “Chicago Acid House.”

Back in the day, DJ’s spent hours hunting for music in local record shops flipping through vinyl bins, looking for that rare 12″ import that would mesmerize their dance floor during their next gig.  Nowadays, we almost take the easy access to music for granted as with the click of button everyone has instant access to any piece of music from around the world which at one point was almost exclusive to DJ’s.

In 1991, while visiting my favorite DJ shop in Montreal called “Pierre Musique” located on Ste. Catherine Street, the loudspeaker blaring on the sidewalk had this new track playing.  I had no clue who it was but the synth stabs and piano chords had me hooked and I ran in to find out more.  I was then introduced to “Everyday” by DJ Pierre and an uplifting energetic genre called “Italian (Italo) House.” This track quickly became my number one and filled many dance floors for myself and many DJ’s around the world.

Another track at that time which also did really well on the dance floor was called “Get On the Floor” which was a Black Box (Martha Walsh) “Gonna Make you Sweat” mashup with some deep bass lines and a very catchy organ chord progression also produced by DJ Pierre.

DJ Pierre’s “Chicago House” sound continued to evolve and even today remains the foundation of many current house music tracks.  In 1998, under the Strictly Rhythm label, DJ Pierre released an instrumental track as A.K.A. ‘The Don’ called “The Horn Song.”  Later that year, the track would return to the studio and recorded with the powerful vocals of the legendary Barbara Tucker and the now classic track was called “Everybody Dance”.

For over 30 years, DJ Pierre has remained relevant and his music continues to play in clubs and on radio stations around the world.  His music has a message, its own soul, and it stands the test of time.  Even in 2018, his latest EP released on the Get Physical Music label has two tracks filled with Love –  Meet Hate with Love Feat. Ann Nesby and I Love the Way.   Both are very groovy with lots of extra “hot sauce” to add just the right amount of punch to drive you to a state of ecstasy.  There is a true DJ Pierre classic foundation sound, layered with some deep piano chords and a very addictive bassline. The soulful rich vocals will transport you into time yet bring you right back in the moment with some subtle modern stabs.

DJ Pierre is proof that you can sustain your music career by producing quality tracks filled with layers of tastefully engineered instruments mixed together to form a perfect melody.  DJ Pierre, the man, the music, the legend… reminding you to meet hate with love…

Check out DJ Pierre on Beatport and his latest EP called “We Love” and the hot track Featuring  Ann Nesby called “Meet Hate with Love.

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