DJ Relentless: 2018 Music Express

Feeling optimistic about the new year, DJ Relentless serves up this month's new music, remixes, and megamix projects
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Welcome to 2018! It’s a new year and time for a new outlook. I believe like most I spent the last year angry and slightly depressed. Politics and Fake News dominated our world and it was hard to look forward. But somehow I feel strangely optimistic about the new year. Somehow I feel more people are unified in the idea of a better tomorrow. And with that thought, I am eager to start with some new music, remixes and megamix projects.

Up first to start our mix is the new Justin Timberlake “Filthy”. With Mr. Timberlake scheduled to be the Halftime entertainment for the Super Bowl next month, of course, he would try the old “one-two-punch” of releasing a new album “Man Of The Woods”. And his new single and video is intriguing. He steps into the scene like he’s the new Steve Jobs introducing a new sound via a robot. The lyrics are sexual without being explicit and I can tell he has plans on an extensive world tour. I used the actual audio from the video but there is already a club remix by Barry Harris.

Our second selection is from Mr. Three-Oh-Five himself, Pitbull. “Por Favor” features the hook sung by Fifth Harmony. Side note: if they lost a member should they change their name to Fourth Harmony? Anyway….Pitbull released a lot of singles in 2017. None of them really did very much for my floor. I don’t think that this one is gonna do much either, but I like it and it’s catchy.

Another artist who seemed like he was on the rise and then fizzled was Jason Derulo. Honestly…after he broke Jordin Sparks’ heart for the “bad boy” image he slid into the void of being a dime a dozen. “Tip Toe” featuring French Montana is typical sound for Jason. It’s sex driven and I can see it being a minor hit. There’s a really great remix by the Wideboys but the DJ Hope Redrum version worked better for my mixed set.

Being from the south I always enjoy a throwback sound to my roots in Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and Louisiana. So, when I heard that Mr. Collipark had remixed “My Sidepiece” by The Louisiana Blues Brothers featuring Pokey Major Clark Jr & The Ying Yang Twins I thought to myself “I gotta hear this one!” I loved it! It’s got that Collipark stank on it fused with the bluesy sound that folks like my Uncle Rudolph would still dance to.

At the end of December, I made my debut at Steamworks Baths here in Toronto. The general manager let me try a different format….Hip Hop with a side of Urban House. I figured it would either fail miserably or be a huge hit. Thank goodness it was a hit! It was such a drastic change from the usual soundtrack in a bathhouse that the patrons really enjoyed it. And in celebration of that success, I decided to include one of my megamixes in this mixed set. It’s called “Yonce So Fancy But Boys Are Scrubs” which features Beyonce, Iggy Azalea, Nicki Minaj and TLC.

I know the tracks in that megamix aren’t new, but it was a throwback like the new single by Bruno Mars featuring Cardi B. “Finesse” totally sounds like the theme song from the late 80’s early 90s TV show “In Living Color”. And the video is a total tribute to the opening that show. I think the video sold me. Loved it!

There’s a line in our next track that made me like this next one. It goes “Just cuz you kissed your friend don’t make you a lesbian”. Funny what straight rappers will say to females to get them in compromising situations. “Physical” by Mally Mall featuring Jeremih and E-40 was definitely not the theme song for “Times Up Movement”. It’s highly inappropriate but Hip Hop is gonna take a little longer to catch up with equality for women.

Our next track has been out for a little while but I finally found a remix that I liked for Maroon 5’s “What Lovers Do” featuring SZA. Kay Stafford At The Ibiza Beach’s club mix is right at that breaking point of Pop and House.

“Within Us” by Yakis & Victory Team has that fresh Nu House sound that I feel is going to be huge this year. Like the energy and it’s a great track to workout to.

Now…you know I love throwing in a classic track with a new remix. The Giacca & Flores Nu Disco Mix of the 80s Breakdance gem “I.O.U.” by Freeez is genius!

This next track is actually a little faster than where I played it. It’s bordering on being Trap speed but I slowed it down to 127 BPM. The Lil’ Texas Remix of “Claim To Be” by Jauz is funky and just Electro enough to fall into a Nu House set.

When I saw Kenny Dope’s name as the remixer of “Hit The Ceiling” by Lion Babe, I knew I was gonna probably like it….and I did.

Over the Christmas holiday, I got called to spin at Wayla Bar here in Toronto. The manager sent me a note asking for a song called “Raingurl” by Yaeji. I had never heard of the artist and most definitely hadn’t heard of the song. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Yaeji was an Korean-American Electronic artist from Brooklyn with a catchy tune that could easily be found in the ballroom scene. This track has a cunty baseline with a minimalist sound. It has become one of my favorites.

One of the things I enjoy about having friendships with other DJs and producers is that sometimes you get exclusive tracks or remixes first before everyone gets to hear them. A good DJ friend and producer who I have shared a booth with on many occasions as well as has produced a few of my tracks as Jade Elektra is Vjuan Allure. He recently sent me his latest track “MORRIISSEEYY” (which is actually a Cunty Beat remix of The Smiths’ classic “How Soon Is Now?”).

Although Rihanna’s critically acclaimed album, “Anti” didn’t really garner any major hits for her the label is still releasing singles after a year. Her latest is “Consideration” and the MK Remix caught my attention. I’ve always loved Marc Kinchen’s work. And with the return of 90s House productions it is good to see him come back into fashion for remixing. Not every producer or remixer has been able to pull that off.

“Workout” by Rari with his hybrid of 2 Step and Dubstep got quite the makeover when it was remixed by Gerald Le Funk. I’ve used this mix for my power walk up the 27 flights in my building and this track really gets me going.

I sorta feel like “The Club” by Roulsen is a sequel to “Star 69” by Fatboy Slim. Same concept and energy. It evenness elements of the same lyrics.

And finally to close out my mixed set I chose “Go Awf!” by Prince Airick. This track wreaks of Atlanta Ballroom chants. I believe it is an Angel X produced track. And if you have ever been to a Ball, this is the kinda track that makes the kids “Go Awf!

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