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"To me, Kanye has become part of that percentage of black males that get to a certain level of fame and money where they lose perspective of the black experience."
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Photo: Paris Hilton, "I Need You" - Antoine Cortez Remix

Finally hitting some warmer weather and I’m getting excited about what is ahead musically. I’ve got a feeling that this is going to be a good summer. Why? Because it feels like some of the crappy songs are being released now to get them out of the way. We’ve got some Pop Princesses doing covers, a Hip Hop artist tanking his upcoming album before it gets released and some hot tracks that will definitely be staples on my floor.

So let’s get to it!

Our first selection is actually not a release at all. It was a simple acapella song on Instagram, but I chose it to make a point. For some ungodly reason, Britney Spears decided to take to the internet and share her rendition of Aretha Franklin’s classic, “Think.” Now…maybe she was sending a message to someone who had done her wrong. I dunno! But what I do know is that she needs to always sing in a studio where they can fix her poor imitation of T-Boz from TLC. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…when Britney was on the Mickey Mouse Club she sang in a full voice. Somebody told her when she decided to do “Baby One More Time” that it would be hot for her to moan all her lyrics like she was getting’ plunged lovely. You know…how the lead singer of TLC does. Gyrl…you need to have several seats!

And speaking of taking several seats, Taylor Swift really needs to sit huh ass down somewhere! What would possess her to do a Country version of Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September?” You and Britney both gotta lotta nerve! And many let Miss Swift have it online as well as on TV shows. Taylor (like Justin Timberlake) doesn’t like to speak out publicly about views on ANYTHING. And this is probably why I am no fan of this rich, spoiled, privileged girl who can afford to buy anyone or anything for a music video (and yeah…I’m talking to you Todrick Hall). I’d have more respect for you if you actually took a stand and said who you are instead of pretending that you are that sweet girl that Kanye interrupted on stage. So I found this cover extremely appalling.

So, I had to use the Stan Galaxy Remix of the real “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire to fix my mix. It’s got an updated House feel to it. So much better than that Country monstrosity that Taylor was trying to pull off.

On April 20th, the world found out that Swedish DJ/Producer Avicii had died at the age of 28. So young and so successful but as noted in a documentary a few months earlier Avicii had a drinking problem. Ironically I was watching American Idol a couple weeks ago and Aloe Blacc sang “Wake Me Up” with one of the contestants. So, it only made sense to use my favorite remix of the track to pay tribute to Mr. Tim Bergling (aka Avicii). This was a huge hit for him and really introduced many to the vocals of Aloe. The Pang! Slowing Things Down Remix pitches Aloe’s vocals down a tad and gets rid of that twangy acoustic guitar that dominated the original mix.

Our next selection is one of my new favorites. The Hood Rich Remix of “Shine On” by Friendless sounds like an urban female motivational speaker telling you what you need to hear to get off yo’ ass and do what is needed. Love it!

And after you have gotten motivated, the sky is the limit! So why not kiss it? “Kiss The Sky” by Jaxx Da Fishworks is part of that new Future House sound that makes me think it would be a hot track for a sports commercial or clips of athletes working hard.

David Guetta is one of those producers that I kinda love and hate at the same time. He seems like an opportunist with some of his releases. I’m on the fence with his latest track with Martin Garrix & Brooks, “Like I Do.” It’s got the right energy but it somehow comes out too loud in some parts.

One of my favorite vocalists from the 90s was Lisa Stansfield. I remember watching an interview with her and she said that she wrote lyrics that rolled off her tongue well on purpose. It makes sense because she sounds like the words were meant to be sung by her. Her new single is “Never Ever” and Mike Cruz has turned it into a Circuit friendly production that will do well in gay arena parties. There are a couple of other calmer mixes that I love but this one is the one I think will get people dancing.

Now…I don’t know who Alina Renae is but she’s another one who needs huh ass whipped for singing on this horrible cover of “Sukiyaki” by G.H. Hat. I have never understood why or how someone could ruin a ballad by turning it into a crappy Club version. I grew up with the Taste Of Honey version. This duo was best known for their Disco hit, “Boogie Oogie Oogie.” Their version was a cover of the 1961 Japanese crooner Kyu Sakamoto. I’m sure Kyu is probably turning in his grave with this cover that truly disrespects the beauty of the sentiment that went into the lyrics.

With our next selection, I don’t want you to think that I hate all female Pop artists. I actually like theFragile Future vs. Moto Blanco Mashup of the new Ariana Grande single, “No Tears Left To Cry.” I’m sure there’s gonna be a lot of remixes of this one, but for now this is the one I’m playing.

And another surprise track that caught me by surprise is the Antoine Cortez Remix of “I Need You” by Paris Hilton. From seeing her name I was prepared to hate it immediately. After all, Paris had not really recorded anything that has ever moved me. And as a professional DJ, you know that I can’t stand that hoe for the fees she makes for her DJ bookings when there are so many out there who are talented and looking for work. So, imagine my surprise when I listened to this hot House remix. Her vocals are weak but the track saves her completely.

And with the rise of Future House on the charts, I’m always looking for the new sounds that will rock a dance floor. “Hashtag” by Exodus & Deville fits the bill. I like the energy of this one and plan on programming it into a few of my mixed sets.

About two months ago, my husband and I were watching SNL and Pete Davidson played a character that was a new rapper named Lil Pump and jokingly sang the hook “Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang.” I thought it was ridiculous! I had no idea that there really was a recording artist by that name or that this was a real song. So when I was flipping through titles of music videos for my new video night I came across the real one. I have to say that his impersonation was pretty dead on. The song is dreadful, but the production on the Chuwe Edit is kinda hot.

Now, I haven’t heard anything off the new Kanye West album that’s due out in June, but I have heard his opinions about black people and the Commander and Thief in the White House. And I can honestly say that I think he’s off his meeds. Why would you piss off a demographic right before your new release is about to drop? Reports say that Kanye has lost nine million followers for his recent rants on Twitter. Some are saying that he pulls this crap every time to get everyone talking. But it’s too not 2016. It’s 2018 and many are divided on issues (especially on race and the U.S. president). I’m not gonna even go there with his love for the oval office right now. And after Candace Owens got shut down by Black Lives Matter protestors at a town hall, Kanye should have just kept his support of her to himself. He shouldn’t speak about black people when he doesn’t live in our world today. He’s not the person who rose up back in the early 2000s and earned credibility from his lyrics and talent. He’s the asshole who lives with a family of attention whores. They may be on a reality TV show but that’s not real life for the average African-American. And I’m sure this is going to cause some problems in his marriage if his mental illness affects Kim’s branding online.

To me, Kanye has become part of that percentage of black males that get to a certain level of fame and money where they lose perspective of the black experience. Guess I’m not part of his “Clique.” This would explain my choosing this collaboration with Big Sean and Jay Z.

To get my anger out I felt this Trap remix of “Basket Case” by Green Day was appropriate.

Every now and then I hear complaints that I should not write negative reviews. I say that Drake has the right idea with his latest single “Nice For What.” The problem with most publications and their reviews is they’re bias to who pays to be included and written about. Everything is payola these days. I give you my honest opinion. If I like something I say so and If I don’t I say so as well. And I don’t believe that I have to be nice about my opinion. I would hope that you appreciate my candor.

I also like giving a variety of music in my reviews. I don’t just listen to House music or Club music. I listen to a little of everything and I enjoy sharing the tracks with our readers. Hopefully, you hear about something that you never heard of before or a remix that you didn’t know about.

Our next selection is a Hip Hop banga called “The Set Up” by Dennis Blaze featuring Sonny Bo & T Millz. Will this be a big hit? Nope. But I like the sound and I like the vibe of the flow. And it’s the perfect track to set up our final song on this mix.

Ladies and gentlemen….I know everyone has gone Cardi B crazy but Nicki Minaj is back. Yes, Cardi is the new darling, but why? My opinion…she’s not too black (cuz she’s Puerto Rican) and she acts exactly like the stereotype of what females of color are expected to act like. Her voice and flow is that of an obnoxious girl behind the counter at Burger King. Her lyrics seem basic to me and she’s just not the full package. Is Nicki the ultimate in female rappers? Nope. She’s definitely not the role model that I would suggest for young girls in the world. But I do think she has smarter lyrics and is much better at marketing herself. She’s a product (kinda like what Octavia St. Laurent was talking about in “Paris Is Burning”).

Nicki has two singles out right now. “Chun-Li” which has a horrible iPhone music video that’s shot vertically and “Barbie Tingz.” I chose “Barbie Tingz” to close out this mix. I like that both are around 98 BPMs instead of those annoying 70 BPM tracks. Let’s get back to some real Hip Hop party speed records. Tired of the slow shit in Hip Hop. I hope Nicki comes back strong and shows Cardi that it’s gonna take more than “Love and Hip Hop” to be on the charts. And since Cardi is gonna have a baby she is not gonna be able to market herself like Nicki will be able to do this summer.

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