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One of the remixers who always turns it for me is Freejak. And I guess you could say his remix of the new Tony Moran featuring Kimberly Davis track is good for me! (as in "You're Good For Me").
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Time is flyin’! It’s already March. Hopefully, spring is not too far behind. We’ve got a lot of music to get to….so let’s do it!

A couple of months ago, I was watching Colbert and he had 30 Seconds To Mars on as the musical guest. I had almost forgotten that Jared Leto was in a band. And the funny thing is that most performances on The Late Show are shot like a music video. This one had some upside down camera angle. The band’s latest single, “Walk On Water” got a Trap remix by R3hab. I kinda like it.

Which leads us to the David Guetta & Afrojack remix of “Helium” by Sia. I’m sure those who regularly read my reviews and listen to my mixes for KINKSTER know that I don’t normally dip down to 70 BPMs when selecting tracks for this column. But I felt like I needed to give a little more variety. I want our readers to find something for everyone here and to learn about different sounds. So, not all the music I like is dance floor anthems.

And the Ed Sheeran and Beyonce duet “Perfect” is a sweet ballad that I guess was recorded for Ed’s new fiance. Congratulations, Mr. Sheeran.

Since we are at this speed we might as well hit a Hip Hop track. Now…word has been that Nicki Minaj has not been seen since before the New Year. But in a recent interview with Birdman, he said that Nicki is just working on her next album. It would make sense. She may have won the war with Remy Ma last year but she wasn’t expecting Cardi B. to come around the corner. So, I was digging through unplanned releases in my many downloads from my pool and came across a track called “She For Keeps” by Quavo & Nicki.

I am so excited about the success of the “Black Panther” movie. And one of the songs from the soundtrack that struck a chord with me was “Pray For Me” by The Weeknd & Kendrick Lamar. I decided to wait a little while longer before going to see this one. I just want to be able to see the movie in peace….no kids or talking through it.

With all the troubles of the world weighing on our shoulders these days another song title that has struck a chord with me is “God’s Plan” by Drake. The lyrics aren’t exactly what I had hoped for but the Lemi Vice & Action Jackson remix definitely reanimated the production and sound.

If you’re old enough to remember The Temptations than you’re old enough to remember who Dennis Edwards is. Well, he died on February 1st, 2018. As tribute, Mr. Collipark did a remix of his biggest solo hit, “Don’t Look Any Further”. Some of you are too young to even know this one, but M People did a cover it and TLC used it for their remix of “Unpretty”. The baseline is legendary.

Tyga’s “Temperature” got a Moombahton remix and it’s kinda hot. It works for my floor. You should check it out.

I just started a new 90s Retro night called RELENTLESS REWIND here in Toronto at Boutique Bar. In honor of that I decided to use a transition mix of Naughty By Nature’s “Hip Hop Hooray.

And after reading Quincy Jones’ Rolling Stone interview where he dished the dirt on Michael Jackson stealing elements of Donna Summer’s version of “State Of Independence” to create “Billie Jean”, I just had to use the new DJ Dark & MD DJ remix of one of Michael’s biggest hits from the “Thriller” album. Child….Quincy told everything! From Michael’s thievery to Marlon Brando’s gay sex with Richard Pryor, Miss Jones gossiped like a good gyrlfriend spilling tea on a Sunday afternoon!

And hunny….Katherine Jackson was as mad as a wet hen. So, when I heard the family called for an apology I was thinking they were gonna sue Quincy. “Dangerous Vibes” by Stadium x Going Deeper x Mc Flipside seemed like a good idea for the next track. Had to take you to that hard club sound to get the blood pumping!

While keeping in that vibe, “Keep On Rockin'” by Aevion & Steff Da Campo definitely keeps the energy up.

Almost blew out my headphones with our next selection! “All About That Bass” by Twoloud…and no it’s not a cover or dub of the Meghan Trainor song! This is that serious bassheadz track.

One of the remixers who always turns it for me is Freejak. And I guess you could say his remix of the new Tony Moran featuring Kimberly Davis track is good for me! (as in “You’re Good For Me”).

Now, I don’t always love every release by Demi Lovato but I have grown to love and appreciate her as a Pop Dance artist who stands for something. She recently brought a group of the teen survivors from the Parkland Shooting on stage at one of her shows to show support for their voices about gun control and treating mental health. The Deanne Late Night Club Mix of her latest release, “Tell Me You Love Me” has all the right sounds for a Circuit floor.

Another movie I haven’t seen is “The Greatest Showman”. I know the musical is on the rise again but I’m just not that gay! If you love them….great for you! It’s just not my cup tea. I appreciate the contributions and talent that goes into making them but I guess I’m just not in that frame of mind right now. But I honestly thought that “This Is Me” by Keala Settle was going to win the Oscar for original song. I definitely liked it better than the song from “CoCo”….but hey, what do I know?

Dua Lipa has carved a spot on the scene over the past year. And her latest single is “IDGAF” (which stands for “I Don’t Give A Fuck”) got quite the makeover by Charlie Lane & Jason Reiley. There are about 5 different mixes I’ve seen in my pool, but this one worked the best with my programing.

Our next selection is not a commentary on Dua. “Basic Bitch” by Jade Elektra is the latest release on Aviance Records. Produced by Vjuan Allure and written by Miss Elektra, I don’t often toot my own horn but I have to say that Vjuan and David Ohana Aviance turned the remixes out on this one. Oh and yeah….I’m actually Jade Elektra.

Since we went there with a drag recording I had to dig up “Your Makeup Is Filthy” mashup….Alaska Thunderfuck vs. The Scissor Sisters.

And to close out this mix I had to give you one serious House track, “Housepital” by Riva Star featuring Dajae. While everybody is bouncin’ around to Trap or Hip Hop or Club stuff I still have to remind people that House Music is still alive. And there’s nothing like a good House beat with a narrative vocal explaining what House is to get you stompin’ on the floor. Hope you were taken on a journey and will come for the ride next month.

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