Do You Ever Masturbate at Work?

“It’s great to be anywhere as a writer. You can spend all day jerking off as long as you describe it well.” –Richard Hell
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Did you catch that recent article from Time Out New York that indicates 39 percent of office workers admit to having masturbated in the office’s washroom? And it’s not just men. Men, women, gay and straight, everyone seems to be willing to admit to having “rubbed one out” in the stall next to you.

There are benefits of masturbation but imagine walking into the bathroom at work while one of your co-workers or even your bosses is in the next stall masturbating. I have a vivid imagination, and the thought of someone masturbating at work is funny yet slightly distributing. On the other hand (wink wink), The Huffington Post (Canada) found Mark Sergeant, a senior lecturer in psychology at Nottingham Trent University, who “suggests workers should take masturbation breaks as a motivational reward for completing an extensive list of to-dos.” How’s that for a treat?

I’m not such a prude. After all, I admit, years ago I had a boyfriend who was a manager for GE, and on one Saturday we had sex in a locked server room. The excitement alone was fun, but when you think about it after reading the Time Out article, we weren’t alone in getting down at the office.

I also have a friend who sat outside his boss’s office while she and her husband christened her new office. There was lots of noise and laughing, and when they came out their faces were flush, their hair a bit messy, and they seemed to be pulling themselves back together.

Although this all may sound fun, research has shown there are health benefits to taking matters into your own hands. Men’s Health recently reported that masturbating prevents cancer, makes you harder, makes you last longer, ups your immunity, and ups your mood.

In hindsight, what in the world would I have done if someone walked in on my boyfriend and me? What would you do if you walked in on your coworker indulging in some self-love? Or what would you do if you decided to reach for your nether-regions and take care of business and someone walked in on you?

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