Do You Want to Know Your Purpose in Life

Our purpose is so deeply imbedded in our culture that we easily overlook it or take it for granted.

Your Purpose In Life is to find your purpose, and then give your whole heart and soul to it.” – Buddha. But before that purpose can be discovered, there must be an answer to the question: ‘Who Am I’

This is perhaps the most difficult question of all. We are all someone who is different to every person in one’s life – and even to every person with whom one’s life has intersected, if only for a moment in time.

And it is gets harder, because we are all a subtly different person in the morning, from the one who went to bed last night.

And that is how it is. Because the journey through life is experiential. It can only be expressed in terms of the interaction with everything that is not you.

And now I sense you thinking, ‘well thats very nice and profound, but so what? Isn’t that how we all are; just a simple fact of life! – Accept it and move on!’

Well, not quite.

Because we all have to live within some artificial constraints – the business of earning money to eat, pay rent, buy clothes – and perhaps the most difficult of all, =packaging oneself into somebody that others can accept and even be attracted to – we all run headlong into a dilemma.

How do we deal all of this and still remain honest to ourselves – AND how do we remain honest to the projections of ourself that others see ?

Here are a couple of tests that every one of us is forced to take – often quite frequently – to see just how well synchronized we are with the world we live in.

Most of us actually have a fairly low batting average, because it is a process that is in constant flux.

The first sign of misalignment is when you find that your romantic or sexual liaisons begin to feel like you are crossing the road on banana skins. The second one is when you leave that job interview with a slightly numb feeling that you spent most of it climbing out of a hole that you somehow did not see.

Now, while it is true that failure is not always one’s own fault, it is also true that it usually is.

We should not be vying to headline in an entertainment section, in the two little tests I posed. Success will not come with a performance – and if by some mistep it did, it is a pretty safe bet that there will be an inevitably stressful end.

And so I might rephrase the initial question I posed of ‘Who am I’ to ‘Who do they think I am’. Because that answer IS very largely something that is up to oneself.


Guest Writer:  The Intercessor 

LA born and raised, and now living in London; Avery loves to write, dance and make money. "I am young, free to be me, and the prince of kink."