#doyouevenunicorn Made Us Unicorn Believers

A hodge-podge concoction where pop culture, queer creativity, social commentary and a healthy perv on a naked man-beast collide!

Do you believe in unicorns? If not, well it’s time to start. We were not believers until we found our very own real-life unicorn, and let me tell you this unicorn is not what you see in children’s books. @doyouevenunicorn on Instagram is charming and has the body that will quench your thirst for something magical. We’re living in a time of division, heightened racial tensions, and political dis-ease, and if you’re like us, you’re often looking for a sign that everything will get better.

Social media is an escape for many of us. A fascinating part of being in challenging times is that we can bear witness to a level of creative expression that only happens when we are losing hope. Oprah said it best, “Each of us has a personal calling that’s as unique as a fingerprint. And the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of service, working hard, and also allowing the energy of the universe to lead you.”

Lately, the world has seemed dark so I needed an escape. I started to surf Instagram, and there was one person from Australia who changed my energy from sadness to happy feelings, a person doing unicorn things and junk.

The handle, @doyouevenunicorn on Instagram might be a life-like unicorn who has the body for the gods, but when you peel back the layers, he is giving us hope, having fun, enjoying his life, and is the latest Kinkster I’ve come across, which is why I asked to interview him.

You might think it’s a character, but it’s a person whose creative juices are flowing, and it’s the perfect time to showcase him, especially when Australia recently said, “YES” to same-sex marriage. It’s the perfect time to catch up with this innovative and creative Kinkster.

Describe for our readers the magical place and mind of Do You Even Unicorn.

I like to think of Do You Even Unicorn – the mind and the page – as a hodge-podge concoction where pop culture, queer creativity, social commentary and a healthy perv on a naked man-beast collide!

How did you come up with the name Do You Even Unicorn and what does it represent?

We’re going back a few years and let’s be real, my brain is mashed potatoes at this point, but from memory, the whole thing came about during the “Do you even lift, bro!?” phenomenon, and who am I to not seize a name that is instantly recognizable? So I think I purposely rode those coattails into existence.

Is there a message to be shared or is this just a fun endeavor?

Initially, it was all just for a laugh. But as my audience grew and I realized I had a platform (albeit a modest one), I acknowledged that I could get some positive messages out there and spread a little awareness about things near and dear to my glitter-filled unicorn heart. Always wrapped up in some comedy and a decent showing of skin, naturally.

How do you come up with the images for your IG page and what inspires you to come up with the captions attached to each photo?

I wish I had an amazing creative process to let you in on, but it’s all ridiculously haphazard! Inspiration is like a boner – it can strike anytime and anywhere. It can come from a quote I hear, an image I see, a memory, a night out, you name it! Sometimes it’s just a piece of the final image and I build things around it, other times I get an instant flash of a fully realized end product and I know exactly what I want to produce. Either way, I’ll jot down the thought so it doesn’t get lost among the mash-up of rainbows and sparkles and cute guys dancing around my head (I have a notoriously bad memory at the best of times and get distracted quicker than a caffeinated baby). The captions will either flow organically from that or simply be a quote I find inspiring or hilarious that I’d like to share with my unicorn army.

What has been your most talked about the photo so far?

Definitely, the photo of me, ass-out, laying over my bed and spitting inferred semen into a bucket and wiping the residue from my face. Classy, right!? Haha And what I love most about that is the post was directly inspired by a conversation I had with a friend that went something along the lines of:

Undisclosed friend: “I want to go ask for two or three ice cubes for my wine.” 

Me: “C’mon, you’re better than that…” 

Undisclosed friend: “I just told you I spat cum into a bin.” 

Me: “Go get your ice.”

Which photo has been your most favorite and why?

I hate more than anything to be cliche, but I couldn’t isolate one! My style and approach and aesthetic are continuously evolving, so with that, as is my favorite image. I look back at photos from a year ago that I remember being so proud of at the time, and I’m like “really queen…!?”. What I will say, is more often than not, my favorite posts end up not being as universally appreciated as others that I like, but aren’t blown away by. I get a kick out of putting out an image with a fully realized concept and story, a total feel, and one that I may have spent a considerable amount of time on, but then a photo that took literally 30 minutes to put together that shows a lot of skin will get heaps more likes. Y’all are thirsty! Hahahaha!

Where do you the person and your persona, the hot unicorn man intersect, or not?

These days, we meet frequently and often and my real-boy Instagram is not too far from paralleling my unicorn persona. I used to be a lot more reserved in my regular IG posts, but the unicorn mask gave me a sort of freedom and anonymity to be a little more salacious and daring, However as I mature and my self-confidence really solidifies, I post suggestive photos quite liberally now on my regular IG account, and am proud of my mental progress and being happy enough with myself to bare all (well, almost all. Unicorn wang, for now at least, still isn’t on menu).

Will you ever reveal the face behind the mask or will we always just have the mysterious unicorn man to look at?

I have several photos where I play both the unicorn and his bearded dude counterpart, face strategically covered, of course. But I think that’s as close to a reveal as I’ll get. I like keeping the mystery up, and it also allows the viewer to imagine and project whatever they like under that mask, which can really add to their fantasy. But, to be honest, with a little sleuthing, it’s not too hard to marry up my unicorn IG and my real-world IG. While I don’t promote the connection, I often joke that it’s the internet’s worst kept secret.

What have you learned about yourself from this creative outlet?

Nudity is fun, empowering, and doesn’t always have to be connected to sex! I’ve always had body image and self-confidence issues, so I’ve learned to embrace myself and my body and how I look. Love yourself (physically, if possible *ahem*) and be proud of exactly who you are. A very wise woman once said “You’re on the right track, baby, you were born this way” but I can’t remember who, I don’t think it was anyone famous 😉

How do you see Do You Even Unicorn developing over time? Any plans for merchandise?

I’m just going with the flow for the moment. I’m a pretty busy non-unicorn, but I’ve absolutely had some thoughts about merchandise, it would be a trip to see my face (and let’s face it, my ass) on a t-shirt! So if the demand is there and people would like to see it, I’d definitely be open to creating Do You Even Unicorn merch. If you’re keen, hit me up on the DMs people, I’d love to hear what you’d like!

We like to ask our signature question, aside from being naked in a unicorn mask, what do you consider to be the edgiest, unconventional, or tight-lipped thing you’ve ever done and how did it impact your life?

Hmmm, good question, and somewhat confronting! I’ve definitely had my party days and illicit encounters – often publicly and often with multiple participants, almost always accompanied by mind-altering social lubricants – but I’m not sure that I found them notably significant or enlightening. For me, the most impactful events are the intimate relationships with partners. I’m thankful for every single one of my past partners and the things I’ve learned about myself through them, no matter how heartbreaking or toxic or unhealthy they may have been at the time. Other than that, I’ve been comparatively tame! I mean, aside from the occasional bondage session or sweaty elevator encounter of the naked kind, but by today’s standards, that’s practically more Disney than deviant. But hey, let’s not close that chapter just yet, I’m always open to suggestions 😉
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