Electro-Pop Artist Rilan Gets NYC’s Stamp Of Approval

Rilan gives stellar music and designer performance at Style Fashion Week in New York City

This past Friday night, electro-pop artist Rilan took over the Style Fashion Week runway at the Intrepid Museum. After performing at clubs and festivals from Los Angeles to London and Paris, this was his first ever performance in New York City.

When we heard Rilan would be in NYC performing, we were overjoyed and could not miss this opportunity. Rilan was the first artist featured on Kinkster MAG when we launched almost two years ago, and that was huge for us since we were a new site.

Rilan has amassed over 8 million YouTube views on his original music videos. The media, the music industry, and Corey Wesley, our managing editor, have all praised him as an artist on the rise. Wesley has been an avid fan and listener of Rilan’s for a few years now. We didn’t know what to expect since we’ve only watched his videos. At the live NYC debut, Rilan did not disappoint as he worked the runway.

Rilan’s performance was electric and high energy. Wesley said it was a phenomenal musical performance accompanied by a sneak peek at some of his clothing designs. He is a real entertainer. How do you say triple-threat (two times over)? Rilan’s name is neon lights. He is a songwriter, performer, choreographer, dancer, designer but MUSIC is what ties it all together.

Throughout the performance, Rilan pulled in the crowd with his charismatic personality. His dancers did not miss a beat, and the choreography was stellar Wesley was in awe of his entire performance and said that’s how you do a New York City debut.

Earlier this year, Rilan performed on the runway at Style Fashion Week LA where people were shocked to learn he had designed and made some of his own and his dancers’ wardrobes. He was asked to include his jacket designs into the show. It’s no surprise to us that Rilan would have an eye for fashion and music as they go hand in hand. The jackets featured during the NYC performance are modern, rocker chic, and we can not wait to see a full collection from him.

Wesley listens to a Rilan track or watch a video at least once a day, and have been craving new music. His hunger is almost satisfied because insiders tell us he has spent the last year writing and recording songs, with his next single, “MoneyTalk” being released on October 31st. In true Rilan fashion, the track will be accompanied by another incredible music video.

In the meantime, Rilan has been releasing a series of “reimagined” cover songs via his YouTube channel. The first three were Taylor Swift, Pink, and Kesha.

Rilan is one performer we are proud to know and feature. We are excited to see his career unfold, but we can guarantee it is bright with endless opportunities.

Rilan’s socials: @iamrilan


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