Erotic Intent With Steve Callow Perfect Fit Brand CEO

The adult novelty industry is set to be valued at $50 billion by 2020, we talk openly with an industry leader
Erotic Intent With Steve Callow Perfect Fit Brand CEO
Perfect Fit Brand CEO: Steve Callow | Photo credit: Dragon Photography

Wow, that’s so big! Some estimates value the adult novelty industry at $15 billion while others place it at $21 billion. And by 2020 estimates say it will hit between $29 and $50 billion. (Statistica) (Forbes)

If you’ve ever wondered if you’re alone in using your toy(s), you’re not. Statistic Brain reports that 25 percent of adults globally have used sex toys during sex.

If it’s a vibrator, anal plug, apparel and other gear, or sheeths, or penis rings, there is something up your alley (wink) and it’s easily shipped through your Amazon Prime. My recent search for “adult novelties sex” on Amazon resulted in almost 10,500 products. Greater social acceptance and greater availability of “adult” products are driving the industry demand. (IBIS World)

Erotic Intent With Steve Callow Perfect Fit Brand CEO

Perfect Fit Brand’s CEO: Steve Callow | Photo credit: Dragon Photography

The Kinkster MAG team decided to explore this a bit more so searched for an adult novelty product company to connect with and ask questions. We found Perfect Fit Brand who really resonated with our own brand message, so we got a chance to interview the CEO, Steve Callow shortly after his company was the exclusive toy sponsor for Folsom Street Fair where they gave out over 3,000 product samples.

It was clear from our conversation that Steve is passionate about his products, a serious business professional, extremely knowledgeable and quite friendly. We asked Steve about his background, the company, the industry, and the products.

What is the background of an adult novelty product CEO you ask? Well, Steve started in the computer industry many years ago. He became a network guru and eventually sold his business to a larger company. After 9/11 and enough of being on the road as a consultant for five days a week, he took personal notice that there were no good douching (aka enema) products on the market to help you get ready to take it up the bum. He developed the Streem Master douche and the rest is history. He reorganized a bit and today Perfect Fit Brand is one of the leading adult novelty product companies with over 50 industry award nominations.

After the major success of the Streem Master douche, it’s clear that products for cleaning out the bum are a serious market and Perfect Fit Brand is meeting that demand with options like their ergofló enemas. In describing what makes the ergofló a competitive and superior product, my head spun as Steve described the design and how the system works. He is so committed to his industry and brand, as he described how enemas work and how some products are inferior, we learned he is quite familiar with water pressure in New York City.

And what goes into researching and developing a product? Well, it’s quite expensive to get through the full cycle of R&D. Perfect Fit Brand has taken on a few models. First off, they test everything they sell and there is a process. In developing products they’ve created some products that were not even in existence, for example the tunnel plug, and the Buck-Off™ (part of the Buck Angel® FTM Line) which has received a lot of press for being a leader in providing toys for the trans community. To develop their products Perfect Fit Brand often seeks people interested in testing their products and they solicit feedback from them and make adjustments.

They also use focus groups. The Play Zone Xact-Fit™ cock rings were developed using focus groups. In creating the Play Zone Xact-Fit™ cock rings, Perfect Fit Brand realized that metal rings were too restrictive and they’re not healthy. Many guys would end up in the ER having to get them cut off. (And if you’re someone close to Kinkster MAG, who was wearing his going through airport security, they go off in the metal detectors and scanners). An industry solution was to make them stretch but some people still found them too restrictive and they break. Before the Play Zone Xact-Fit™ cock rings, there were only three size options. Perfect Fit Brand went to the drawing board to create 14 size options and they took two years to develop the Play Zone Xact-Fit™ cock rings. By soliciting feedback in focus groups from 20 men over a two hour period, they learned that 90% of them found a ring that fit them better than any others.

Erotic Intent With Steve Callow Perfect Fit Brand CEO

Adult Products by Perfect Fit Brand

And what about using toys with others and proper care? Steve says never use sex toys between partners. Diseases can spread. He also shared that adult toys are hard to clean properly and they are actually working on some new technology solutions to help offer better cleaning options. Soap and water, boiling, and/or using some type of sterilizing cleaner are good options, but even those are not 100% effective. Take care with your toys.

Are you anxious about delving into using toys or other paraphernalia? We asked Steve the best ways to introduce the topic and when to introduce their use with potential or current partners. He says it could depend on the toy. Something like a cock ring may not be a big deal. What is important is that you have open and honest communication as early as possible. It’s also important to bear in mind that many toys are meant to enhance everyone’s experience, not replace anyone. Sometimes partners might feel intimidated and believe that the toy is taking over. Being open-minded about the use of toys can help you become excited by the addition not anxious that you’re being replaced.

If you’re new to toys and don’t know where to start, Steve recommends heading to a brick and mortar store where salespeople are often very knowledgeable about the products. Bring an open mind and the ability to describe what you’re curious about and the salespeople will be happy to help you explore. Be ready to let them know if you’re a top, bottom, looking for performance enhancements, or just additional pleasure.

When using toys, your experience should be nothing less than amazing. Be unconventional, be open-minded to new experiences. When considering where to purchase your toys, look also for the guarantee of the products. Perfect Fit Brand’s warranty is 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed or they’ll do their best to make it right. Now that’s amazing.

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