Edward Murillo Moreno: The Life of a Male Gay Escorts

Edward Morillo Moreno illustrates escorts and finds there are many stories and experiences, but without a doubt, his favorite part is when they talk about their job.
escort illustration by Edward Murillo Moreno

For years I’ve been drawing men from all over the world: Colombian, Venezuelan, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, French, Italian and Hungarian most of the time. What I enjoy the most about drawing them are their life stories. Some of them reach me through social media or through my web, but I have a dark secret: I like to draw male escorts more than anything.

escorts illustration by Edward Murillo Moreno #4

Illustrations by: Edward Murillo Moreno

Yes, you read it well, from all the men I receive letters asking for a drawing I feel a little weird but pleasing mood when I’m sketching a male sex worker. Is not sexual, at the beginning I thought so, but after 7 years of drawing them, it’s a mixture of compassion and admiration that always bring very interesting results and let me know a lot about these primitive works, where the only trade tool is your body.

There are a few rules I follow since day one: I don’t draw nudes, I don’t have sex with them and they need to talk about anything while I’m drawing them; most of them hate it, but when they stay, they open their lives and experiences in this job like a book ready to be scripted into an illustration by me.

There are too many stories and experiences, but without a doubt, my favorite part is when they talk about their job: prostitution. Prostitution is a very complex form of selling. It’s very basic but complex at the same time. It’s like selling a Cartier bracelet to a chair, you need to figure it out in a one way or another, but you need to grab that money and leave. That is why I decided to choose a few of my sketches and match it with very wise advice from a random male sex worker.

I do it because most of the time I receive questions about it, due to my past as gay porn videographer. “Is it easy to be a gay escort? Do I need to do this or that during this or that?” Too many questions that I’m so tired to copy and paste; so I decided to pick 7 random illustrations with the clearest answers to become an escort or learn how to treat one, because let’s face it, we’ve all paid for sex in one way or another, and escorts are the easiest and emotionally cheapest way to get sex with a sometimes addictive satisfaction.


Gay men pay for sex to try new things, but the guiltiest pleasure is to take that straight guy out and f*ck him. One rule most of the gay escorts have is to always tell the same story. We are college dudes, we need some bucks, but our girlfriend doesn’t know about this job. They fell like thin paper leaves with this cheap chat and they think they are one of the first customers when we’ve been playing that card for years.

escorts illustration by Edward Murillo Moreno #4

Illustrations by: Edward Murillo Moreno


When I started this job I was a cute guy with a nice dick, round ass, and easy going attitude. One friend told me to start and I did with an agency. A very old man asked me to strip off and started to point at my dick with a pen. “I need it in full size, this is not a doctor’s visit.” He put a porn clip on his computer and I started to jerk it off.  When he saw my dick in full bloom he smiled a little, then he brought a lube bottle and asked me to put my fingers on my butt. I felt used but I knew the job I was looking for and I did it. I could fit barely my 3 fingers and he just looked at me with no emotion, then he grabbed my face and told me with a very ironic voice “you will last if you follow carefully this advice. Do not fuck with poor people or handsome men like you, people like you have nice tips and goods, get ready to travel a lot in first class.”

I laughed, but he kept a very serious attitude. I dressed up and he just gave me an address and said “Your first client is the owner of the biggest car importer. He will go to Europe for one month and he needs some company. Do not bring anything, he will buy you a new wardrobe. He will pay in advance. I need your bank account and please, after the trip is over, you don’t know him and you haven’t heard from him.” Since that moment I only visit very high profile clients and thanks to my thick dick, bubble butt, nice face features, and discretion, I work in 3 different countries, I have 4 houses, my own fitness gear label, a rental car business, I collect motorbikes and I raise a loving family with my wife.

escorts illustration by Edward Murillo Moreno #3

Illustrations by: Edward Murillo Moreno


People think that when you are an escort, you just go and suck dick and fuck the customer. That happens with about 1% of the clients. If you want good money, you will need to go very deep and dark to get it. If you have regular clients you will be doing the same, but it will be very degrading for you if you don’t have the conscience that you are selling a pleasant experience. I’m not talking about leather and BDSM stuff. I’m talking about real pervert and sick fantasies. I’m a very young looking guy. I’m in my mid-20s but I look like a teen. I don’t drink or party to keep my skin bright looking and I have tons of clients who pay me to have sex like if I were their nephews or sons.  They bring me their relatives clothes or uniforms to role play with them. I hate that, but they pay extra if I beat them or spit at them for being so repugnant.


I left escort services for men a few years ago. I had fun. I made nice money, but if you want to make a profit, you need to focus that effort in something useful or you will lose your life in the process. Escorting is not a profession, most of the men want fresh meat with soft bodies and lean muscles. You might have the body and the attitude, but without youth, you are just a nice looking dude on Grindr. Make a business plan, get a bachelor’s diploma and save money. I had this business partner who was at the peak of his career as an escort when I was starting. He was very handsome and we did tons of work together as top and bottom or tops for double penetration, but he didn’t plan anything. He spent all his money on expensive clothes and drugs,. Then one day he was 36 or 37 and no one called him back. He started to fall into drugs and then he killed himself in a bareback orgy. I felt very sad because I couldn’t help him. That’s why I started to plan my retirement, save money and now I have an art gallery with my husband. Escort money goes easy kid, save it or be afraid.

escorts illustration by Edward Murillo Moreno #2

Illustrations by: Edward Murillo Moreno


Trans women and real women ask for escorts with experience with gay men because they feel we will be more patient than a straight escort. So my advice is if you are a gay man like me, you will need to learn to please a woman. Women are not about action, they are more about flirting, about being respectful to jump into action. When you are in the zone, you need to be as wild and raw as you can. It might sound silly, but women are like an old car engine. As soon as hey are warm, they are ready for anything. Trans women are in that process, so you need to be more patient. Some of them are learning to use their woman parts and you need to guide them through that process. The good thing is that they are very recurrent clients and they not only tip you with money, but they can give you nice stuff like clothes, a home or a car if you treat them well and they have the budget to spend on it.

escorts illustration by Edward Murillo Moreno #1

Illustrations by: Edward Murillo Moreno


I’m a straight man and I don’t feel comfortable having sex with men, but I do it for the cash and the nice goods. When I started to work with gay men (I used to escort for women only) my popularity increased a lot. One client told me: “you should do porn, that dick will become famous” and I just did it. I work in a few straight movies, but the money wasn’t great. A gay porn director recognized me from an escort website and told me that I could reach more clients if I worked in a gay adult movies. At the beginning I hated the idea. Look I respect gay men, I owe them my career, but I didn’t believe in the idea of being caught on camera doing it with another dude. He explained to me the fact that most of the porn performers in gay porn are not gay and that escort clients go crazy watching us in action on a movie. I gave it a chance after I told my current girlfriend, and as soon the first scene came out I had booked the upcoming 3 weeks to work with very ni$$$ce clients. Now I do it often to get more clients and they love to see their porn star giving them pleasure.


When you decide to be an escort, you need to learn that this is not a personal pleasure hunt, that every man will be different and you have to be open to any request as long as you don’t hurt yourself doing it. You will always need to be ready for them, and not the opposite. They are paying a fee for you, not a tip to please you. Some clients will want more than sex. Some pay to get a friend to talk or to accomplish a very private fetish fantasy, and you need to be okay with it no matter how dark it is. Prostitution is a job, when you are working you don’t drink or do drugs. What they do is their business, even if you do it in your daily life, don’t do it in front of them, they can rape you or steal your money. Also, we are our business body and we need to take care of ourselves physically and mentally. Sometimes it’s hard to have a healthy life pleasing others and we need to focus on ourselves and our regular daily lives. It’s basic for you to understand that every client is a good client as soon they have the money to pay us. You need to be the man they need and never mix your regular life with your escort life.

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