How to Get Ready for Work in 30 Minutes or Less

A good moisturizer that revitalizes your skin will minimize any signs of aging and make you appear shower-fresh.
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The phrase, “places to go, people to see,” in today’s world is a reality. We are living in an era where time is not our friend. It’s like we don’t have enough time in the day to achieve some of the simplest of tasks.

Waking up Monday through Friday in the morning is like running a marathon. If you’re like me, you and the snooze button are friends. The snooze button is one of those friends who is either always late or will make everyone in the group late.

Hitting the snooze button more than once only means you have less time to get yourself ready for the day. That also means less bathroom time to pose in the mirror before heading out.

When you become a snooze pro like me, you learn how to multi-task in the morning. It’s always why I’m a firm believer in purchasing multipurpose products. I have a few products to share that make my mornings easier, and I can not live without them.

These are essential for the man on the go, and in a rush.

URSA Major is a cleanser, soothing agent, and moisturizer in one bottle. Witch hazel is great for the skin, a natural astringent, and URSA Major is infused with witch hazel, hydrated-aloe, and anti-inflammatory rosemary. All ingredients, good for the skin.

URSA Major Cleanser


When you rock a shaved head, shampoo is not on my shopping list. However, a handful of my friends use R+Co Dry Shampoo Paste. It’s the combination product (shampoo and styling paste) you need if you press that snooze button a little too much.

r+co dry shampoo


Jetblack is a new brand for me. However, I am digging their MP 10 Nourishing Oil. This product is flexible in the ways you can use it. You use it as a face moisturizer, shave oil or a goatee/beard conditioner. Guys often forget to wash their facial hair which is why I love this product. It’s a light formula, not heavy, so it won’t clog your pores or leave your facial hair feeling greasy.

Mp 10® Nourishing Oil


The last product I would invest in to make the morning easier is Oil control mattifying moisturizer by Clinique for Men. I have used Clinique for years. It’s my go-to product. The Oil control mattifying moisturizer hydrates the skin. I have oily skin but I find by applying this day and night, I minimize the oil build up.

Clinique for Men mattifying moisturizer



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