Exclusive Valentine’s Day Playlist from DJ Relentless #HoldTight ❤️

DJ Relentless shares his romantic side while celebrating Black History Month with this year's Valentine's Day Playlist.
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So, Valentine’s Day is here and I know it might be hard to focus on something romantic with all that’s going on in the world. But we here at Kinkster MAG suggest that if you have someone special in your personal life that you take some time to let them know how you feel or even have a romantic evening. My latest soundtrack will help get you in the mood.

Normally every year I create a mix for my husband. This year I thought it would be great to share my romantic side while also celebrating Black History Month by programming and mixing some of my favorite Black Artists.

So, grab your boo and have some alone time…..Happy Valentine’s Day!


Sr. Music Contributing Writer - A disc jockey since 1980, DJ Relentless has a career that has spanned from local dive bars to major club venues all over the United States, Amsterdam, the Dominican Republic and Toronto.

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