Fat Burning Foods Are A Myth

Don’t believe everything you read about certain foods possessing “fat-melting” properties.
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Eating healthy combined with exercise is honestly the only way to lose those extra pounds. You may read that eating certain food will help you lose weight. You may think by eating more egg whites, or garlic, or grapefruit you’d lose weight is a very compelling idea it’s not true.

In health class, we learned that carbohydrates, dietary fat, and protein can increase your metabolism; converting food to energy. The honest truth, anything you eat increases your metabolism. That’s how you digest what you’ve eaten.

The body, in turn, takes those calories and applies them where necessary. It’s what health experts refer to as, “thermic effect.” It’s a very temporary process.

Researching for this article, I was disappointed to learn, Green tea, hot peppers, and celery are labeled “fat-burning” but none of them increase our metabolism.

However, certain foods may not “burn fat” but we absorb fewer calories eating them. “For example, David Baer, M.D., out of the U.S. Department of Agriculture studied the measured energy value of pistachios in the human diet.”

Baer discovered when we consume pistachios the calorie intake is five percent less than the number of calories on the nutrition facts label. The study is not saying you can lose weight by eating pistachios. Foods like: apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, and beef are the same category.

Certain foods pass through our bodies undigested. Particularly, food that contains fiber or protein.

You cannot believe everything you read. “Try including meat, seafood, vegetables, and fruit, as well as complex carbohydrates at each meal. Though this won’t turn you into a metabolic machine, it will fuel your body and help you consume fewer calories from those foods you eat.” (Men’s Health)

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