F*ck In 21 Minutes With DJ Ted Bishop

DJ Ted Bishop Nieves helps me understand f*ck with an exclusive music mix, all about this multipurpose word
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What’s in a word? F*ck has a very flexible role in English grammar. “F*ck this,” “f*ck that,” “you fucker,” “f*ck you,” the word is so common. It can be used as both a transitive and intransitive verb, as an adjective, adverb, or noun. “It can also be used as an interjection and a grammatical ejaculation.” (Wikipedia) It’s often used to express significant positive and negative emotion. And then, of course, it’s used to describe the sexual act between two people.

“‘Fuck’ is an old word, even if it’s been an almost taboo term for most of its existence. It was around; it just wasn’t used in everyday speech all that much, let alone written down and saved for posterity.

Likely its meaning contributed to its precise origin becoming lost in the mists of time — scholars of old would have been in no hurry to catalog the growth of this word, and by the time it forced its way into even the most respectable of dictionaries, its parentage was long forgotten.” (SNOPES)

One story that I find to be hilarious and can’t believe completely is this. The origin of fuck came from a period when sex was outlawed. Damn, can you image sex outlawed? There must have been a lot of horny people walking around? The story continues, sex had to be permitted explicitly by the king, so individuals who were legally f*cking had “Fornication Under Consent of the King” on their doors, or: F.U.C.K. But obviously, that’s wrong. Now, if you believe any of that, you’re f*cking kidding me…see what I did there?

Per Huffington Post, “fuck appears to have hit its stride by the late 16th century. In 1598, John Florio published an Italian-English dictionary intended to teach people these languages as they were really spoken. Florio’s dictionary is thus full of fucks. He defines the Italian fottere as ‘to jape, to sard, to fuck, to swive, to occupy,’ for example, while fottitrice is ‘a woman fucker, swiver, … etc.’ and fottitore the male equivalent.”

The inspiration for this f*cking article was really two songs, Sofi Tukker’s “F*ck They” and “Fuck U” (Dj Cindel’s Fuckin Fuck U Tribal Mix). Both got me thinking so much about the word I enlisted the help of DJ Ted Bishop Nieves who prepared an exclusive mix, F*CK IN 21 MINUTES, bringing home a lot of f*cks for your ears.

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