Foot Care: How to Keep Healthy Feet

If your cuticles are stubborn, pick up a cuticle remover at the drugstore to help dissolve some of the dead skin.

I photo an African-American showing the bottom his feetWhether or not you’re a pedicure fan (and more and more men are these days–hey, you can’t beat that foot massage!), your feet are probably going to be on display sometime soon. Dry, cracked skin isn’t attractive on anyone, but luckily, it’s pretty easy to fix.

After a warm shower, first, trim your toenails. They’re easiest to cut when they’re a bit softened. Avoid cutting them too short though–this can cause ingrown toenails. Now would also be a good time to tend to your cuticles. Believe it or not, having well-groomed cuticles is one of the quickest ways to improve the appearance of your feet or hands. Chances are, the cuticles on your feet are overgrown. If your cuticles are stubborn, pick up a cuticle remover at the drugstore to help dissolve some of the dead skin. Gently push your cuticles back, and only trim the free edges.

Now that your nails and cuticles are looking good, it’s on to the skin. The skin on your feet is tough, so manual exfoliation is fine. You can use a pumice stone or a metal foot file on any calluses, and sugar scrub all over your feet and legs. After you rinse it off comes the magical step. Look for an AHA foot cream–if it says “glycolic acid” on the bottle, you’re in business, and you’re going to want strength of at least 10%. While scrubs and pumice stones exfoliate the outer layers of skin, they are only working on a superficial layer, and do nothing for built-up skin cells. Glycolic acid will go beyond to get your feet feeling a baby butt smooth. And don’t let the word “acid” throw you off–there will be no burning or drying, as glycolic acid actually improves moisture content.

Now that your feet are suitable to be seen in public, make sure you put a good sunscreen on them to keep them that way–the skin on your feet is highly susceptible to melanoma.

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