Fergie Creates Expressive Music Through Her Heartache and Pain

"Wanna hide away in a quiet place and wait out your storm of words again," Fergie sings as she sits in her bathroom. "Build a wall and put my armor on, escape the bullet, babe."

Music is an expression of living, loving, sadness, and happy moments we all feel!

Fergie’s new CD is raw, touching and top-charting. “We’re all a just little broken,” and work in process. We all need a little work. Trust is hard for a lot of us.

Double Dutchess: Seeing Double‘ is a CD that touches on these types of experiences we all experience. However, we want you to listen to the all of the lyrics of each song on the CD; we bet, you’ll be able to relate.

The songs make you wonder what happened to Fergie these last few years, but honestly, who cares because it’s the reason she has produced new music to help us all heal. Can you believe it; the last time she released new music was 11 years ago. Where did the time go!?

We’re impressed by every track. Each song is raw, truthful and will dig deep and assist you in embracing your rhythmic soul. The sound of life is on this new CD, and we’re totally in love with it.

When artists can freely express themselves through their music, you can’t help but appreciate it because when it’s raw like this CD, it takes courage to be this vulnerable in the public eye.

If you haven’t heard some of the tracks, watch these moving and passionate videos. These are our favorite songs and videos thus far.

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