Groomed to Perfection: RITUALS Samurai Collection

The organic bamboo and cedar wood enriched natural extracts creates a "Calgon take me away" shower experience.

When it comes to skincare products for men, we have tried a handful we liked and some not so much. This recent discovery is a brand you might not be familiar with, but it’s a brand we are now in love with.

After attending a Mykel C. Smith Creative fashion event, we received VIP gift bags that were filled with a number of skincare items from a brand called RITUALS, an unfamiliar brand to many us. A few us were pleasantly surprised because it was not your sample size that was being given as a gift. Sample sizes make it difficult for a potential consumer to make an informed decision on whether they like, dislike or love the new brand of products.

I used the Samurai Shower gel for a week and let me say it was a heavenly experience and the unique scent is exactly what every man looks for in a shower gel. The bath foams we tried carried a heavy feminine scent and we ended up not using them.

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Samurai Bath Foam has a rich earthy smell, a scent perfect for men. A majority of men do not like scented shower gels but this shower gel is different. The organic bamboo and cedar wood enriched natural extracts creates a “Calgon take me away” shower experience for men. Plus, a little goes a long way with this shower gel.

Bamboo soothes and softens the skin, and symbolizes qualities like perseverance, immunity, and flexibility. It will be the softest shower foam experience your skin has ever had.

LAB Series has been one of our favorites but we have added a new one to the list. RITUALS luxury foaming shaving gel is another new favorite of ours. When we used it, we noticed how smooth the razor glided across the skin with no irritation. The scents of these products are designed specifically for the modern man. We believe it. This is the first skincare line we believe has the scent correctly formulated for men.

We also tried the Samurai After Shave and we love it because it has the right amount of thickness and it feels great after a shave.

We highly recommend checking out RITUALS.

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