How to Bring Style and Design to Your Next Poker Night

55 Unique Illustrated Playing Cards per Deck by 'Playing Arts'

Are you ready to put some style and sophistication into your next poker night or Texas Hold Em’ game? We’ve got the deck for you from Playing Arts. This is also such a smart, spectacular, and incredible way to bring artists together for a project and demonstrate we are truly living in a global environment!

Using a simple concept, one deck = 55 artists, Playing Arts has created four unique decks of playing cards. Each deck offers 55 unique designs by artists from around the world using their own distinct style.

For the Special Edition deck 537 artists from 67 countries participated in the design contest. Kickstarter backers even had a chance to vote on the final outcome. On the Playing Arts site you get a chance to see the entries for each card.

Peter Donnelly's Jack of Spades - Playing Arts - Edition TwoArtists also had the opportunity to be introduced and describe their motivation for their design. “Perched high on the Dublin mountains lies The Hellfire Club, an 18th century hunting lodge with an infamous history of outrageous behaviour and depravity. Accounts of the club’s meetings claim that members drank ‘scaltheen’, a mixture of whiskey and hot butter…” says Peter Donnelly / Jack of Spades / Edition Two.

The cards are printed in the USA by the US Playing Card Company using Bicycle® paper and coated with the Air Cushion finish. Individual decks retail for €15 or $16 USD or as a bundle of all four for €45 or $48 USD.

What a smart and easy way to support global arts!

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