How to Find Yourself When Feeling Lost

" Finding yourself may sound like an inherently self-centered goal, but it is actually an unselfish process."
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“I’ve lost myself” are words we’re all familiar with but when you carefully examine the words, they make no sense. How can a person lose themselves?

Physically, it is impossible for a person to lose themselves, but spiritually or mentally a person can lose their way quickly, and especially when the person is caring enough to put their family, friends, and career before themselves. We all have a relative or friend who struggles with day-to-day stresses.

Whether it’s a mental illness, unwillingness, and incapability to deal with life’s challenges can lead a person to lose faith in themselves, and those close to them. They might even doubt their Spiritual values.

Today’s question has puzzled me. I’m unsure what to write or say because it’s a challenging question to answer. The actual question an individual faced when feeling lost is, “How do I create a positive relationship with myself?”

Wow, that’s a loaded question because no one has the right answer, nor does anyone have a clue how to find themselves when they feel lost. Finding ourselves and creating a new relationship with ourselves requires understanding, compassion, and acceptance.

A person has to accept the fact that they are human and conditioned to make mistakes. In life we make mistakes, but it’s those misguided choices that make us better people. We learn from our mistakes, and in turn, those mistakes help create solutions which ultimately lead to the creation of better versions of ourselves in the long run.

Let’s face it. It’s not the mistakes we make at work that drive us crazy. The mistakes we make in our personal lives make us feel inadequate and the reason we question what’s right from wrong. Although you might think accountability at work matters, that’s a false reality, unfortunately, a reality that translates into our personal life.

However, mistakes are the reason individuals are smarter than others. Personally, I don’t believe we are intellectually different from one another. I think it’s how we recover from our mistakes that separate us as individuals. “It’s not how you fall, it’s how you recover” is the actual critical success factor in life.

Initially, when I started this article; I was going to supply you with steps to finding yourself. But, as I continued writing this article; I realized finding yourself or developing a new relationship with yourself has no guide. The solution to finding yourself cannot be resolved in 750 words or less (the recommended post size for Google and SEO).

Life is a journey, and through the voyage, we change. Our likes and dislikes are rapidly evolving; which means we have to be able to adapt to change. Changing physically and mentally is a part of life and our internal GPS.

Our internal GPS in life will change course and cause us to feel lost, however, if you believe in yourself and something greater, you’re never lost.

Finding a new relationship with yourself starts with acceptance. When you accept that you’re human, conditioned to make mistakes, and have the willingness to change bad behaviors or habits; you release the old and welcome the new.

If you’re unsure how to find yourself from my article, there is one book I highly recommend reading; it’s a book that helped me find myself, “Emotional Freedom” by Judith Orloff. This book will help you identify your inner demons, remove those emotional vampires, and how to let go of the things you can’t change.

Lastly, if you’re looking to find your old self, whether it be the person you were at 20, 30, or 40, let that person go. I believe your present self is someone so much better.

Go out and find yourself. Remember, the only way you can truly find yourself is when you strive to be the better version of yourself.


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