Imbalance in Your Lifestyle Is Affecting Your Sleep

"Your life is a reflection of how you sleep, and how you sleep is a reflection of your life." - Dr. Rafael Pelayo
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Deep, nourishing sleep is the natural result of making choices that cultivate physical and emotional balance throughout the day. In our modern society, the most common lifestyle imbalance that leads to sleep issues is the conflict between relaxation and arousal. When the relaxation signals in our brain are blocked by too much active stimulation or arousal in the cortex, we experience racing thoughts and fidgety bodies that make it difficult to fall asleep and stay that way. Try the following tips to regain balance in your lifestyle to enjoy a good night’s sleep.


Meditation provides deep relaxation for both mind and body and is the perfect antidote to the overstimulation and stress of modern life. Yogis and doctors both agree: meditating – even just a few minutes of deep breathing – relaxes the brain, reduces anxiety, and decreases depression, all of which are conducive to restful sleep.

Shift Your Perspective

People who have trouble sleeping can grow to dread the approach of bedtime because what should be a restful activity becomes a source of stress. If you retrain your brain to look upon bedtime as the beginning of a refreshing experience that will renew you in mind and body, that key shift in attitude sets the stage for restful sleep.

Tune Out Before Turning In

Avoid watching TV and using your computer, smartphone, or tablet at least one hour before bed. The brightness of their screens tricks your brain into thinking it isn’t nighttime yet.

Can’t Sleep? Enjoy a Relaxing Activity

The harder you try to sleep and the less successful you are, the more frustrated you’ll feel. Give up the fight and try to relax with soothing music or a book, making sure to keep the lights low.

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