In the Spotlight: Brando Marco, International Adult Model

“People think that being a webcammer or a porn star is a sin, but to me, it has been a blessing. I had a very rough time in Venezuela."
Kinkster MAG, Brando Marco,
Swimwear: Atelier Cavalier | Photo Credit; Edward Murillo Moreno

Brando Marco is a 20-year-old stud who decided to leave his native Venezuela to get a better life in Colombia. He started out as a gym trainer, but nowadays he is a very popular web-cammer in Europe and the US.

He left his gym training job due to a work incident: “There was this old obnoxious man always looking at my butt and telling me very filthy stuff and I just couldn’t resist it. I punched him in the face and I left the building.” He was worried about his action, but one friend told him to work on a webcam studio.

“At the beginning I didn’t like the idea, I mean I’m a sexy guy who loves to be nude, but being watched by an unknown person was very weird to me, but I did it and on the first day I made quite good money, so I decided to keep working and well now you know the story.”

Brandon has become a very huge webcam celebrity in Latin America, his streaming videos are watched by an average of 10,000 people every session. On social media, he has almost 25,000 followers. “I do what I love in my daily life: I love to dance, I love to shake my body and I enjoy a lot to interact with my customers.”

Brandon has a very wide audience in the United States, even some of his webcam customers have invited him to the country, but he has refused: “I’m not very good speaking English, but I know the words they want to hear, then I let them know how comfortable I feel with them and immediately they start to ask me about my ID number to buy me a ticket to the US. At this moment I’m not ready to leave. I need to set up my game in this business, I need to let my family in a very good financial position and then I will be ready to conquer America.”

Kinkster MAG, Brando Marco,

Swimwear: Atelier Cavalier | Photo Credit: Edward Murillo Moreno

Due to the success that he is having now working on webcam, Brando Marco has decided to start a career in adult entertainment. “I need to grow up in this business, and I think porn is the next step. I’m not going to give you lots of details, but I listen carefully to my fans and my customers. So I’m going to start slow, I’m going to make my own content and then I would like to work for a very big company. I’m a very big fan of ChiChi LaRue he’s such a nice director.”

Brando is very conscious about the risks on adult entertainment and he knows how to take care of himself in this rough business “I’m very careful with the people I get involved with, I take STD and HIV tests every 6 months; also I’m very cautious about money. I know that this won’t last forever so I try to invest in stuff that can help me to have a better future. At this moment I’m saving money to have a house for my family. I want to bring them to Colombia because At this moment the situation in Venezuela is very complex and I need to have them here. They know what I’m doing and they support me because they understand that my real person is not the person that works on camera.”

“People think that being a webcammer or a porn star is a sin, but to me, it has been a blessing. I had a very rough time in Venezuela. I was at College studying music, I had the best qualifications, but one day the country economy went down and I had to leave and start all over and at this moment I feel that I’m doing it nicely. I’m not going to be this hot forever, so I better take the chance that life is giving me to do something that I really enjoy and later I will focus on my real love: music.”

Brando Marco is a living proof that every work is done properly is the right door to success, that the only thing that you need to step up forward is to take the chances of life and take the best of them to accomplish your goals.

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