Inaya Day Brings Us Love This Summer

Inaya Day, Joe Gauthreaux, and DJ Grind celebrate a summer of love with a re-imagined version of the 70's dance classic “Love Is In The Air"
Inaya Day, Music News, iTunes, Joe Gauthreaux, DJ Grind

You know that voice. You’ve heard it on dance floors in the late nineties with “Keep Pushin”, “Hold Your Head Up High”, and “Horny”, then in the early 2000s with the Mike Cruz-produced dance anthems, “Movin’ Up”, “Can’t Stop Dancing”, “Lift It Up” and “U Spin Me”. Then there were a multitude of hits including “Nasty Girl”, “Glamorous Life”, and “One Night In Heaven”.

This summer Inaya Day, one of Billboard’s Greatest of All Time Top Dance / Club Artists, is launching the summer of love with a celebratory cover of the massive seventies dance smash, “Love Is In The Air” (proceeds benefit The Trevor Project).

Inaya Day, Music News, iTunes, Joe Gauthreaux, DJ GrindProduced by Joe Gauthreaux and DJ Grind, the new version is a joyous house track that is meant to lift hands, spirits and souls to the sky. Joe Gauthreaux is best known for his big room beats and soaring vocal anthems. DJ Grind’s sound is firmly anchored in uplifting house, blending circuit, tech-house and tribal beats with strong melodies, progressive synths and euphoric vocals.

“Reading the morning newspapers and watching the nightly news, it may not always seem that love is winning, but if you truly look around, you’ll see that it is,” says Inaya Day. “More people are marrying interracially, more countries are becoming diverse; there are more large-scale celebrations and more acceptance. People are realizing that the little squabbles between different groups do not matter and that we need to come together and cover evil and fear with love so that we all survive.”

For over twenty years Inaya Day has been allowing us to bump and groove and she continues that tradition with “Love Is In the Air.” We were privileged to catch up and interview her about the release of “Love Is In the Air”:

What was the motivation for recording “Love Is In the Air”? Why this specific song?

I’ve loved this song since I was a kid and when I performed for The BourBon Street Extravaganza for Southern Decadence in New Orleans, I had the chance to sing it during the finale with Jeanie Tracy, Kristine W, Thea Austin and others. It was suggested to me that I do a remake. I considered it but didn’t follow through until, as the fates would have it, I got a call from Joe Gauthreaux and DJ Grind asking me to be the voice of their version.

How did the collaboration with Joe Gauthreaux and DJ Grind come about and what did they each bring to the recording?

The collaboration came about during a phone call. Joe asked if I’d be interested in singing on the Gauthreaux & Grind version of “Love Is In the Air”. I was stoked to do it so I said, “yes”. We sang through a few keys to decide which was best for Me and the feel that they wanted. He dialed DJ Grind into the call and we got the ball rolling. Both producers bring sensitivity into their music. They know how to create a feeling; that’s why I love working with them.

We are living in challenging times and some people might not be as hopeful as they once were. Where do you believe love exists these days?

Love exists within ourselves and in our acts of kindness one to another. Love always exists. It’s omnipresent and always an option.

How did you first become involved with dance / club / house music?

I was doing musical theater in Dusseldorf Germany and the co-director of the show introduced me to a couple of house-music producers in Hannover. We booked a session and recorded what became my first single release in dance-music, “Keep Pushin” followed by “Hold Your Head Up High”, “Horny”, and “Nasty Girl”.

How have you seen dance / club / house music change over the years, if at all?

Well, there are heaps more sub-genres than there were when I started…so many more choices than the deep, soulful, tribal, and techno that I knew.

You have been named as one of Billboard’s Greatest of All Time Top Dance / Club Artists, congratulations! To what do you attribute your success and staying power?

I attribute my success and staying power to God and my supporters; from my family and friends, over to the youngest listener. I’d not be able to do what I do without these components.

Among other things you are a singer, songwriter, record label owner, and musical theater performer. Do you favor one of these career descriptors over another and why?

Singing! It’s not just something I like or love to do; it’s something that I MUST do. It’s my passion. I connect with God and people through it. I love performing live the most. There’s no feeling like it and singing affords me that opportunity.

And to close, we like to ask our interviewees our signature question, “What is something you have done that may be considered edgy, unconventional, or tight-lipped?”

I dated one of my producers. He’s one of a duo and we couldn’t let the other production partner know…and he STILL has no idea! Shhh!


Website | Facebook | iTunes: “Love Is In The Air” is available in July 2017. In the meantime check out I Am Tha 1 (Original MIx) – Mr. Timothy and Inaya Day


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