It’s Time to Stand Up, a song written by Amuka and Guy Scheiman

The timing of this track is perfect. It's everything a dance track of inspiration should be.

Stand Up and Be Free are potent lyrics especially when the state of humanity is currently imbalanced and faced with a lot of uncertainty.

GSM is proud to release its 36th release, “STAND UP” The Remixes Part 1. Teaming up with the legendary, international recording artist, producer, and songwriter, Amuka, Guy Scheiman delivered a high energy, tribal circuit release, perfect for peak hour set time.

Written by both Amuka and Guy Scheiman, this powerful song is in response to the chaos exploding all around us. They deliver this powerful message with this release that we are united and standing strong against injustice, bullying, and for transgender rights in our world.

First remixes pack includes remixes by DJ Head, Twisted Dee, Brian Solis and Esteban Lopez & Miss Nutz. When we found that one of our favorites, Twisted Dee, was a part of this collection of remixes we couldn’t contain ourselves. She and Guy Scheiman are Kinkster MAG favorites.

I like the song, but with these two DJs at the helm, we’re bound to be inspired because these two can sure light up a dancefloor with their remixes.

We featured Guy Scheiman some time ago, and we loved him back then, and nothing has changed. The timing of this track is perfect. It’s everything a dance track of inspiration should be.

“Stand Up” the Remixes Part 1, release date March 31st. Here is a snippet of the upcoming track.

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