Jade Elektra gets Knky!

"I see our gear lighting the night with #fetishforward looks that continue to inspire people to dance and play."
KNK Collective, Jade Elektra

Not only am I the new writer on the block here at KINKSTER, I’m also a recording artist, actress and soon to be a spokesmodel for a new item for KnK Collective. Which led to the idea of finding out more about this new fetish wear company out of Toronto. So, let’s approach this interview as if I know nothing about the leather world and even less about leather gear…..because I don’t.

I interviewed Brandon Wallans (one of the founders of KnK Collective).

Tell me about KnK COLLECTIVE…..what is it?

KnK Collective is a group of artists, kinksters, designers, and crafters that specialize in specific fields of fetish. By pooling our talents we are able to create one of a kind creations.

How long have you been designing your gear?

We are a relatively new company. So, while I have only been designing my gear for roughly 2 years now, we have many ideas for future pieces including our new line of “Light Up Puppy Hoods”.

From what I hear you were recognized with a 2017 POZ-TO Award for donating items from your collection to several different causes in Toronto’s LGBT scene. What charities are close to your heart and why do you find it important to give back to the community?

I have one charity which is dear to me…the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation. They fed me and my partner at a time when we were at our most vulnerable. They provided services which assisted me in receiving proper treatment and care both physically and mentally when I first became HIV+.

So…a little birdie told me that you have a new line coming out and that you are designing something special for moi. Can you tell us anything about that?

I wish I could tell you more, but from what I can tell you is that our new piece for Jade Elektra is going to fuse modern day leather fetish fashion with chain mesh elements to create a piece so fierce and empowering it will only be fitting to have a queen model it.

KNK Collective, Jade Elektra

Where do you see your gear in 5 years?

I see our gear lighting the night with #fetishforward looks that continue to inspire people to dance and play.

Well, I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds for KnK Collective. I actually believe there are some great things ahead in 2018. Stay tuned! I can’t wait to see what this new gear is going to look like for my debut for the fetish world!

Website: www.getknky.com Phone: (416) 453-1956

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Jade Elektra came out as a gay man and started performing in 1985. A seasoned Female Impersonator, Recording Artist, Actress, Out HIV+ Activist (positive since 1989) and a DJ. Ask whatever you'd like! DISCLAIMER: All opinions and advice in this column are only represented by Jade Elektra and are no way an endorsement by KINKSTER MAG.

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