Lambda Vodka, Raised from Community, Passion, and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Meet the first New York vodka born from the LGBTQ community
Lambda Vodka, Food & Drink
Photo Credit: Lemon Brands/Morgen Purcell

Born from the community, for all communities, Lambda Vodka is one of the latest vodka brands to hit the scene. Almost a year old, the 6X distilled, ultra-smooth vodka was created by two African-American men who are co-owners and life partners. Charles Hughes and Richard Solomon met through a mutual friend in 2010, have been inseparable since, and have made developing the product and brand their labor of love.

Lambda Vodka, Food & Drink

Photo Credit: Lemon Brands/Morgen Purcell

After a year’s long process of creating the product and trademarking, the duo hung in there because they realized it would be worth the effort to create the first New York vodka born from the LGBTQ community. In December 2016 they wed at a small ceremony and when they arrived home their first case of Lambda Vodka was waiting for them. They experienced two life changing moments on the same day!

The brand incorporates the word lambda which was taken from the Greek symbol often signifying the LGBTQ community. The raised hands on the bottle represent community in the comforts of social environments such as clubs and gay bars. Then there are the adjectives adorning the bottle which represent the characteristics of the individuals within our community.

The story of this couple creating the brand is amazing in its own right. The duo seems to have capitalized on the fact vodka is the largest spirits category and it continues to grow. Beverage Dynamics reported in April 2017 that there are hundreds of new product introductions each year. Charles and Ricky must be doing something right if they have survived the year and are able to sell Lambda Vodka in five convenient New York City locations:

  • Basera, 745 9th Avenue, NYC
  • Harlem Nights, 2361 7th Avenue, NYC
  • Starr Bar, 214 Starr Street, NYC
  • LaLa Wine and Liquor, 566 West 125th Street, NYC
  • Pop the Cork Wine Merchants, 145 7th Avenue South, NYC

Although I haven’t had an opportunity to taste the vodka, Facebook fans have enjoyed their Lambda Vodka. Some claim they are switching from their other favorite brand. One fan from Orlando is seeking a way to get her fix from afar. Another fan says it works great with juices to create spectacular punches.

As Lambda Vodka turns a year there appear to be plans for a rebranding as well as a possible flavored version to come.

Find Lambda Vodka:

Instagram/Facebook: @DrinkLambdaVodka

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