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May's Mix is inspired by Trump's first 100 days, Madonna, the Jackson's, the Kardashians, and roller skating to true House Music in Central Park.
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So, it’s been one hundred days of “The Great Pumpkin” in office. Reports say that the Kardashians are getting desperate since their ratings are at an all time low. Airlines are racial profiling and targeting passengers. Bill O’Reilly has lost his seat at Fox. And the Bumble Bee has officially been put on the endangered species list. Not exactly good news, but the only good thing I know about bad times is that some good music and remixes are created during these times.

As for the 45th president of the United States, I think I speak for quit a few people who have watched his self-serving act play out onto the world stage when I say it’s time for impeachment. I keep hoping that someone will get the balls to actually call him out about his ties to Russia to his face on national TV. I just wanna hear what he will say. It’s probably why he skipped the Correspondent Dinner. Couldn’t come up with anything clever to say and definitely was not gonna be prepared to defend his alternative facts. Somebody has got to remind him and all his followers that it’s a very hard drop off that cliff that they are dragging the rest of us to. So, my first selection is a not so subtle hint…..”Hit The Road Jack” by Throttle.

And hey, “45”….if you thought that your Jedi mind tricks that you pulled on the campaign trail were gonna continue to work after getting into office, good luck with that. Finally the media that helped you get into that office got off their asses and are digging into your history the way they should have during the campaign. If you thought that I would be one of those complacent folks who would just shrug his shoulders and say “I just can’t listen anymore”……”It Ain’t Me”! That’s the second track in the mix by Kygo featuring Selena Gomez and the Obscene remix seemed very appropriate.

So, I watched Kim Kardashian West on Ellen and was surprised to hear her turning on Caitlyn Jenner. After all she was the one family member who stood by Miss Jenner when the rest of the family wasn’t having it. But now that their ratings have tanked after Kim’s Paris fiasco, Rob’s baby-mama-drama and Khloe’s unlicensed selfie lawsuit I guess they will be turning on themselves to ensure they get at least one more season out of this cash cow they call a show. And although Kim seemed very sincere as she teared up talking about the robbery on Ellen, I sorta felt sorry for her and almost wanted to comfort her with advice that she could still be an ex-reality TV star who travels the world as a DJ. So, my next selection was the Kahikko x Dawson & Creek Remix of “Rockabye” by Clean Bandit featuring Sean Paul.

When I first heard “Rockabye” I thought it might be a new Ace of Base track. So, I dug up a great House remix by SNBRN x KLATCH of “All That She Wants”. In order to get to where we are today, we have to recognize where we came from. Be sure to pick up Elizabeth Warren’s new book “This Fight Is Our Fight”. It chronicles where we came from prosperity to the decline of the middle class when Reagan took office in 1980 and deregulated Wall Street.

Now to shift gears….R. Kelly. It seems he’s in trouble with a legal aged female this time. Yes…she was old enough to have sex with him, but she was married. Apparently this woman used to be a groupie of his and rekindled the flame at a concert a few months back. It must have been good ‘cuz she convinced her husband to quit his job and move to Atlanta to continue her affair with the “R”. Now the husband is suing Mr. Kelly for wrecking his marriage. So, I chose the Thrizzo Future House Edit of “Bump N Grind” to keep the mix movin’.

One thing that I can say for Drake is that he is smart. Just when I think that I’m done with him because his releases start sounding all the same he drops a remix that gets my attention. The Dean-E-G Remix of “Passionfruit” is definitely on my playlist this month.

So, we hit the first anniversary of Prince’s death and his estate won in court to prevent the last producer who worked with him from releasing his last recordings. “Deliverance” did get leaked but unfortunately for those who prepaid for the new stuff it ain’t gonna happen. So, I guess we are gonna have to settle for covers of his classics like “Erotic City” by Mila J. I actually like this one! She did a nice job and finally my drag sisters have a new Prince song to do on stage.

These days I have a love / hate relationship with Wendy Williams. It amazes me that she has made a career of gossiping, but I do find her entertaining. Her appropriation of gay culture and gay lingo is both upsetting and inspiring. She has probably educated more straight women about what to look for in their “DL” husbands than any episode of Drag Race. So, when I heard her gleefully chatting about a Madonna bio-pic, it made me yearn for those days when Michael Musto declared that Miss Ciccone was a passing fade. I dug up the Joel Dickinson Brunette Rebellion Mix of her 80s classic “Lucky Star”. Like Wendy, I can’t wait to see this movie! Madge is against it, but I think it’s about time.

And speaking of the Madonna bio pic, I really think that Paris Jackson should play her since she is at the beginning of her acting career. This would be a great breakout role for her! She looks just like her in the early NYC days when she was building her brand as an artist. And speaking of Jacksons, looks like Janet is about to get paid after her recent divorce. So, I dug up the classic 80s Remix of “Someone To Call My Lover”. Stories are coming out that Michael’s youngest son, Blanket is being left all alone since his grandmother Katherine is kinda hangin’ with Janet and the new grandson in London. And DJ Meme’s new remix of “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough” seemed like a great choice for the spring weather.

For those who follow my music reviews, everyone knows I love remixed Hip Hop. And the Ben Williams Callum Bishop & District 16 Remix of “Ready Or Not” by The Fugees is kinda hot! Not the full vocal but the House production on this one makes me wanna dance….and I haven’t danced in years! Well, maybe in my booth.

Springtime always reminds me of the Skaters Association in Central Park. I may not be there physically, but I hear that my mixes are played there on the weekends. And when I think of Central Park I think of the last of the true House Music lovers who celebrate the genre on a weekly basis. The next selection is for them. Jill Scott and Terry Hunter teamed up for an EP and one of the tracks is “Coming To You”…..simply exquisite!

But if I were there to spin I’d give them a variety of sounds to expand their horizons. Tracks like “I Wanna See Your Hands” by Alex Guesta would serve up some new energy with Latin percussion to get people movin’.

And finally, of course, I would give ’em what they came for…..that Nu House meets Old Skool Jam selections like “Sunshine” by Cornell C.C. Carter. The DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins mix gives that happy-to-be-alive bounce that you need to “roller boogie”.


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