Legendary Kevin Aviance is RAW

'Raw' is unapologetic, striped down and that natural club sound we haven't heard for a while. The fresh new beats mixed with Kevin's unique and unduplicated vocals create a sound you come to love.
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Summer is coming to a close, and it’s been an interesting couple of months because I caught up with several friends from my past and met some new friends including a few from Facebook.

One highlight this season was catching up with a club legend and someone I’ve known for years, Kevin Aviance. We chatted briefly reminiscing about mutual friends that we haven’t seen in a while, and it would not have be a complete conversation if I didn’t talk about his music.

Of course we all know and love Kevin’s CD, ‘Box of Chocolates.’ It’s a CD that produced mega-club hits like, Cunty, Din Da Da and Rhythm Is My Bitch. All are tracks we love and could talk about for years to come.

During my conversation with Kevin, I gained a new understanding, appreciation and respect for him because he acknowledged that although he loved that period in his life and he is quite proud of the music he is also humbled that people around the world have a profound connection to the music from that period of his life.

However, that is a part of his past and although it forms a significant part of his career, his accomplishments go beyond that one CD. He has traveled the world, faced and overcome health challenges, and continues to make music.

Hearing that he is continuing to make music is no surprise, but I was slightly embarrassed that I did not know he released a CD in 2015. Yes, you heard right, Kevin Aviance has new music out. The CD is entitled, ‘Raw’ (Kevin Aviance & M. Arana).

Kevin was gracious enough to give me a free copy. I’ve been listening to it since the 4th of July. The first couple of times I listened to the new tracks, I couldn’t get into it. Guilty as charged, I wasn’t ready to give up ‘Box of Chocolates’ and what it meant to me. Then I would recall my conversation with Kevin and what he said, “people have to move on, let go of the past, and accept that I am an artist. I’ve evolved as an artist and am creating new music.” It took a while to sink in, but when it did, I was more open to listening without comparing it to ‘Box of Chocolates.’

‘Raw’ is unapologetic, striped down and that natural club sound we haven’t heard for a while. The fresh new beats mixed with Kevin’s unique and unduplicated vocals create a sound you come to love. “RAW represents a new sound bringing Kevin Aviance’s musings with DJ/Producer M.Arana’s underworld. Mesmerizing, evolving loops get you lost in a hard-edged yet ethereal dream. Kevin is raw, real and ever fierce with his sleek aggression. RAW is organic.” Tracks like, ‘Aviance In’, ‘Distortion’, ‘Dramatic Pause’ and ‘Diva’ are not what you might be expecting, but they each have their individual vibe and sound.

The second half of ‘Raw’ is my favorite. The bottom-line, new music from our favorite artists may take some getting used to but when we’re willing to understand that artists evolve then we can appreciate the new music.


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