Legendary Recording Artist Jade Elektra Returns with her Latest Single ‘Basic Bitch’

"Basic Bitch" is proof Jade Elektra is a powerhouse and a quadruple threat.
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Snatch your wigs and pearls, because Lady Kinkster, Ms. Jade Elektra is snatched and showing “Basic Bitches” the front door. If you’re Jade Electra, you head to the studio and channel that energy and create a remastered club hit that I am positive will have the boys, girls, and everyone across the land gagging while working up a sweat on the dance floor.

Kinkster MAG readers who follow me know that I only spotlight a track or music I am connected with. This one  makes me want to head to the club, bump and grind or find someone for a bump (just kidding). We’re excited about Jade Electra’s latest collaboration with friends of Kinkster MAG, Aviance Records. It’s a collaboration way overdue, and by the sound of it, it was worth the wait.

If you’re not familiar with New York City’s prolific Ballroom recording artist, Jade Elektra, her tracks and voice are legendary. Each time she lends her unique sound to a record it becomes a sickening club hit that only Miss Elektra can deliver. Plus, when it’s balanced with the right beats and mixed by the right producers, it’s undeniably the reason Jade is club royalty.

We’re not just saying this because Jade is a friend and a contributing writer for Kinkster MAG, “Basic Bitch is proof she is a powerhouse and a quadruple threat. She is a performer, DJ, writer, and a voracious entrepreneur.

We love all the tracks, but the one that stood out the most is the David Ohana Aviance Dub Mix, it’s what is guaranteed to seal the deal for anyone on the dance floor.  We can’t neglect the Vjuan Allure The Girls Mix, which whipped us into shape.

We’re positive “Basic Bitch” will make all the runway girls’ pussies wet. If you’re still not convinced, the word on the street should be convincing enough:

“These mixes are anything BUT basic!! Fierce as always!!! Full support!” – DJ/Producer/Remixer Tom Stephan (London)

“Children get your pumps ready! This track is on for the runway battles! Upbeat and Sassy, serving an old school bitch track vibe. The go-to track to top off your set at peak hour!” – DJ Carlos Dali (NYC)

“David Ohana Aviance Club Mix is doing shows! He is on FAIYAH!!!” – DJ Manny Blanco aka Angel M Vega (Florida)

“YES!!! This track will be a part of my rotation, nothing like a New York Bitch Track” – DJ Nesto aka Ernest Maisonet (NYC)

“‘Basic Bitch’ is a game changer and the essential crowd-pleaser, and a New York Bitch track Kinksters around the world will enjoy listening too.” – Kinkster Brands NYC Founder, Corey Wesley (NYC)

‘Basic Bitch” is available exclusively on Beatport


LA born and raised, and now living in London; Avery loves to write, dance and make money. "I am young, free to be me, and the prince of kink."

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