Life Lessons and Styling Advice With Celebrity Stylist Julian Lark

“I suggest to anyone to take a year to learn the business. I literally jumped into the business not knowing what I was getting into. So I was learning as I went.”
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Julian Lark Styling RonReaco Lee (known for his role on the hit show Sister Sister)

Julian Lark is working his way to being a fashion force. As a man that wears many hats, from owning a beauty brand to running a boutique, he has found his passion in wardrobe styling. “I like to utilize my creativity in wardrobe styling the most because it gives me an opportunity to really enhance, transcend my fashion-forward abilities, and change people’s lives through the world of fashion, glam, and style,” Julian shares with Kinkster MAG exclusively.

Men's Fashion, Stylist, Julian LurkJulian entered the business of styling in 2009 when he decided that he no longer wanted to be a fashion designer. He got his first opportunity to style a celebrity when he was hired to style Rasheeda from Love & Hip Hop for her second cover of Kontrol Magazine. “I was shockingly booked through Myspace. After I styled her for that shoot, she became a client.” This moment would mean everything to his career.

From this point on, he would work in the world of print and television finding that money could not overshadow the love of being his own boss. “The checks are bigger, and more often. At the same time, television is also very restricted in the things you can do, and the things you can’t do,” Julian shares. “I like both equally but print will be my favorite mostly because I am my own boss and I call the shots. There is something empowering about being your own boss and doing things on your own terms.”

The business of fashion is not always as glitz and glamour. There have been a few bumps in the catwalk that gave Julian a few bruises. “I learned not to become friends with clients in the beginning,” Julian schools us. “You must keep it business first, and personal second. It was a lesson to learn which taught me to always make sure that I prioritize my brand and role first. That way I am not out here looking unprofessional in any diameter surrounding the brand that I have built in wardrobe styling and personal shopping.”

Today, Julian has a thriving boutique that women with confidence, fashionable taste with a touch of danger shop for unique clothing. “I launched my makeup line three years ago and I wanted to find a new way to take it to the next level. I realized that selling things online is not as easy as people make it seem. So when I started selling clothes along with my makeup in 2016, I learned that it was a triumphant challenge.”

To make his business a success, Julian found it important to be hands on with his business. He actually works in the store and gives styling advice to his customers. He also advises young people who are interested in opening a brick and mortar business to educate themselves about business. “I suggest to anyone to take a year to learn the business. I literally jumped into the business not knowing what I was getting into. So I was learning as I went.”

He also believes in throwing everything that he learned out of the window. “You have to leave your feelings at home and be prepared for anything,” he says.

So what’s next for the styling maven? “I will be on the cover of Kontrol (magazine). I have a Christmas collection for Revel and an amazing fashion show for 2017.”

We are excited about Julian’s future and we plan to Revel in his success.

Here are a few fashion tips for men that Julian shares only with Kinkster MAG readers:

  1. Throw out your baggy suits and get a more tailored suit.
  2. Boot cut jeans are not the business anymore. Even though skinny jeans are for the younger man, you can do a slim or straight leg.
  3. Every man should own three tailored blazers: a black, a grey, and a blue.
  4. Don’t be afraid of the male romper aka a jumpsuit.
  5. Black works for everything!

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