Meet Tyler Mount: An Advocate, Broadway Influencer, And A Youthful Inspiration

Mount was humble when asked about who has impacted him the most. He mentioned his parents, his high school drama teacher Suzanne Ray who fostered his love of the arts and helped him see this as an educational and career option.
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Tyler Mount’s effervescent video blog interviews have led him to be named one of Broadway’s biggest influencers, and there are no signs of him slowing down. Corey Wesley and I recently chatted with Mount to learn more about what inspires him and what his goals are for the future.

Tyler Mount never set out to be a video blogger. He has a background in acting and had goals of being on Broadway, but today he finds his time spent on Broadway in different ways. He was bitten by the theatre bug in the 7th grade when he saw Wicked. His supportive family, who are from a small town in Texas, drove an hour and 10 minutes for him to see the show. Mount remembers it was an incredible production and it was much more than just the materials. The idea that a group of people working together on the show captivated him, as did the story which spoke to him. He knew right then he wanted to be part of the theatre community.

Fame has not gone to his head. His success is, “nothing I would have imagined.” He has been doing his ultra-successful weekly YouTube show, The Tyler Mount VLOG in a genuine and authentic tone. Tyler said he is a human having everyday experiences which give a sense of reality to the show. Mount is motivated to continue every day. He tells himself he has something worthy enough to share with others. His career began to take off when Tyler took off the mask of the straight guy interested in sports and after “he” acknowledged that Tyler loves musical theatre. He also keeps going with a busy schedule.

With each video interview, you’re invited into Mount’s living room, where he’s attempting to break down walls. He admits they are not television episodes, but they are an opportunity for him to connect with fans each week. He provides viewers something more than the standard press release information by playing up he’s the celebrity’s biggest fan. He’s ultimately successful in getting his interviewees to open up and be authentic.

Mount was very enthusiastic when talking about his show. Some of the challenges he said are “first world” challenges. Curating content, juggling writing, being a youth advocate, and handling the many fans he’s come into contact with are some of the challenges. Personal Tyler would die meeting the people he idolizes so can understand what it’s like for his fans. He admits that he is energized by seeing “the numbers” as real people at the various conventions he goes to and that being on 24/7 for his fans is okay.

Another great accomplishment for Mount has been to be co-producer on the Broadway show “Once on This Island” at Circle in the Square. The show tells a beautiful story of a poor peasant girl falling in love with a rich man of color. As one of the youngest producers on Broadway, Mount was extremely excited to join the project.

As a co-producer, he was responsible for capitalization and for generating buzz. He’s happy to be in this production as part of the “Underrepresented Producer Initiative.” Lead by Hunter Arnold, the lead producer for the show, 20 underrepresented people like Mount was invited to join the initiative to flip the producing world on its head. Given underrepresentation of some demographics such as gay, trans, people of color, in the producing world, this initiative hopes to bring about change. By being part of the effort, Mount will participate in five different shows.

Mount was humble when asked about who has impacted him the most. He mentioned his parents, his high school drama teacher Suzanne Ray who fostered his love of the arts and helped him see musical theater as an educational and career option. He also credits Gloria Estefan who has seen struggles but who lives with a mindset of sharing and giving love to all. She taught Mount that no matter how famous you are, you’re a human and you have to give love and kindness to others.

So what’s in store for 2018? Mount has plenty lined up for his video interviews. “Once on This Island,” has been receiving rave reviews as it enters into Tony season, so he’s looking forward to the outcome. And he plans to continue seeking his goal of becoming a host for the Tonys.

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